Communicating with those people you are responsible for supervising is an extremely important skill for a successful first-line supervisor or manager to have.  Not only will it assist you in accomplishing your particular goals for your organization, it is absolutely crucial to have achieved a genuine level of engagement with your people should a union card-signing effort, or actual campaign get started in your workplace.

In fact, solid communications can even be a strong reason why a union would not want to ultimately pursue your company:  the bond between the workers and the managers might appear to be too strong to break.

Unions will strive to scare a company into thinking that “mum” is the best course of action when it comes to communicating with the workers.  If a union is successful in this strategy, they have overcome a major hurdle in the race to get your employees to become dues-paying members!

Even for those most gifted communicators among you, knowing what to say and when you can say it is tricky once the union surfaces.  There are all sorts of legal issues involved.

To assist you in this and to ensure that you will be able to keep your invaluable lines of employee communications open, two acronyms will prove useful to you:

“TIPS “ and  “FOE”

We will now review what they stand for and what they relate to.  Following that, you will take a quiz to see how well you have grasped these important tools.

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