Teamsters Sec-Treas Ken Hall

Teamsters Sec-Treas Ken Hall

The Teamsters union has a history of corruption. It’s the reason why, until last year, the Independent Review Board overlooked “all” union affairs for more than a quarter-century. Though the decree has been lifted, the union found itself involved in another investigation earlier this year. And that investigation is making everyone think maybe that decree should have stayed in place.

Late last month, a court-appointed independent investigator alleged:

“Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, the union’s second in command, withheld e-mails and other documents from review earlier this year. The obstruction was intentional and happened while Hall knew about the investigation of ‘current high ranking Teamsters officers, fund trustees and union employees, including Hall.’”

Between this and so many Teamsters retirees losing benefits due to extremely underfunded pension plans, plus the prison guards and probation officers who just outed their union for not getting them raises in nearly 11 years, IBT isn’t getting much good publicity these days.

But hey…President James P. Hoffa won the election to remain president of the union for his 18th consecutive year. We all know what this means…

Nothing. Nothing really. We can pretty much expect everything to stay the same.