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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson "What, me worry?" For some reason following the high drama over the NLRB's recent Hy-Brand decision keeps reminding me of one of my guilty pleasures as a kid: MAD Magazine. Remember MAD? Its cover always features (yeah, it's still in print... I was...

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Union Bailout Update

Interesting times at the NLRB, and the dust may not settle for quite some time. After the Bill Emanuel “conflict of interest” intrigue, and the boards’ vacating of a December ruling rescinding Obama-era joint employer parameters (see Insight), Democrats in the Senate...

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It’s All Academic

Duquesne University has filed a petition asking the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn an NLRB ruling ordering the university to bargain with an adjunct faculty group. The university argues that the NLRB holds no jurisdiction over it as it is a religious institution....

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Construction Union Sued For $100 Million

A New York construction company has filed a lawsuit against the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York. The suit claims that the union has bilked the company out of more than $100 million over the course of the last six years during which the...

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Teamster Beat

Underfunded pensions have been a big problem for the Teamsters in recent years. Teamster president James P. Hoffa stepped into the spotlight to demand a solution. Or rather, to demand that the government fix it. Rather than take responsibility for the Teamsters own...

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Worker Centers have been in play for a while. Unions use them as a way to circumvent federal rules placed on labor unions. These centers, often funded by unions themselves, primarily work to rally troops for organizing purposes. In more recent years, they’ve been used...

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