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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson Do you prefer checkers or chess? I much prefer chess. Last weekend I played in my first “over the board” chess tournament. As my kid told one of my friends, “Dad somehow figured out a way to become an even bigger nerd.” Ouch. If you’ve never played in a...

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Union Bailout Update

The last 30 days have been a slow month for news related to labor activities from the halls of power. After the Obama-era DOL suspended the practice of issuing opinion letters for wage and hour topics in 2010, the department has resumed the practice of providing...

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Employees Or Not?

The Gig Economy received mixed results in a pair of rulings on the west coast. A Seattle first-in-the-nation ordinance allowing drivers-for-hire to collectively bargain took a hit when an appeals court ruled against it. The ordinance was a Big Labor gambit aimed at...

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Union Kryptonite

Unions and accountability are like Superman and kryptonite. Mention adding an iota of accountability and union leadership writhes in agony, hoping to make it disappear just as quickly as possible. The Massachusetts State Police provides the most recent example. When...

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It’s All Academic

Harvard University will bargain with its newly formed graduate student union. This move on the university’s part marks “the final and full validation of the organizing effort, ensuring Harvard will see a student union for the first time in history.” Columbia...

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Union Pension Turmoil

Approximately ten percent of multi-employer pension plans are expected to become insolvent in twenty years. While this issue has been acknowledged for a while, we’ve seen little actually done to mitigate the dire effects on plan participants. However, a ruling was...

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