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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson Life (And Labor Strategy) Is Like A Game Of Chess Have you ever heard a union campaign is like a chess match? My guess is you've probably said it at some point. Today is round 9 of the World Chess Championship. For the first time since the famous...

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Union Membership Plummets in Northwest Post-Janus

According to a report from The Freedom Foundation, the decline in union membership in the northwest since the Janus decision totals around 25,000 members. The report also attributes the loss of 27 million in annual revenue to the drop in membership. The Freedom...

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Tech Worker Dissent To Open A Pandora’s Box?

Those workers who sign on at obvious defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin or Raytheon, have no compunction about working on products that are designed for military use. However, when employees go to work for Google, Amazon or other tech industry giants,...

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SEIU Watch

Ballot shenanigans seemed to prevail in a contest for SEIU Local 73 leadership, as it emerged from a 2-year trusteeship imposed by SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. Members of the Local, running on a “members leading members” slate, appealed the election...

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Corruption Runs Rampant At IATSE

Every month, we list the newly indicted union officials who have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar (our Sticky Fingers section). We’ve also covered huge scandals like the recent Fiat Chrysler/UAW Training Center fiasco. For another perspective of the...

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It’s All Academic

Graduate students at Georgetown, Brown, and Illinois State University voted to unionize this month. At Columbia, things are heating up. The college’s graduate student union is planning a strike, beginning December 4th, the week before finals, to last indefinitely....

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