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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

The Deal-Maker in Chief is about to make one of the worst deals ever. Reports suggest the White House is seriously considering re-nominating Mark Pearce to the NLRB. Yes, the same Mark Pearce who ran the NLRB while it overturned over 4,500 years of legal precedent and...

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Union Bailout Update

The NLRB General Counsel’s office has apparently begun the “restructuring” announced earlier by GC Peter Robb. A July 30th memo announced the creation of committees within the various NLRB Regions that will be responsible for drafting pre-election decisions. The memo...

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Big Labor, Big Money, Big Trouble

Money (as opposed to worker’s rights) has always been Big Labors god. Witness the stealing of Medicaid funds from caretakers in states across the nation (that theft amounted to more than $150 million in 2017 alone, and from 2000 totals $1.4 billion). Those whose...

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SEIU Watch

SEIU is known for deducting dues money from individuals who are not actually members of the union. They did it for years with home health care workers in Washington State. And now, in the wake of the Janus decision, the union could be forced to return up to $100...

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Planned Parenthood & Union Now Seeing Eye-To-Eye

After months of fighting the unionization effort at 14 of Planned Parenthood’s 24 locations, the company has finally changed their tune and is now standing arm-in-arm with the Service Employees union. While it’s always interesting, but not necessarily surprising, to...

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Union Pension Turmoil

Late last month, a group purporting to represent 22,000 Teamsters retirees sued the federal government for approving a benefit reduction plan that reduced retiree benefits by 29%. Members would like the federal government to reimburse them the benefits they have been...

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