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Do Right To Work Laws Impact Politics?

A recently released research paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests some intriguing effects when states pass right to work laws.  Below is the abstract, and the paper can be purchased for $5. Labor unions play a central role in the Democratic...

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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson The 2018 Outlook for Unions I think this year will be one of the most important in the history of the labor movement. That may sound like hyperbole. But hear me out. 2018 already started out weird. January petition activity is dramatically lower than...

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Follow The (Dues) Money

Each month we provide a tally of new union embezzlement stories (our Sticky Fingers feature), and in recent months we’ve touched on some of the larger scandals, such as millions siphoned off in the UAW training center charade. A recent Town Hall article pointed to...

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Union Bailout Update

In our November INK Insight article, Phil highlighted key areas that he either expected the newly constituted board to focus on or suggested that they should. As retiring board member Miscimarra’s term rolled to an end, several of those wish-list items can be checked...

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A Revealing Admission

The possibility of a pro-employee ruling in the Janus vs. AFSCME case has evoked this admission from a pro-union media outlet: But what if you’re caught in a union that hasn’t been doing a good enough job? What if your union doesn’t communicate much with members, or...

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It’s All Academic

More than a year after the initial election, the NLRB has finally completed a conclusive count in the vote to organize graduate students at Harvard University. The results came out as 1,526 students against and 1,396 in favor. Despite the fact that more students voted...

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