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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson When is a Union Not a Union? This week I attended and spoke at the Oklahoma HR State Conference. Every year this conference gets better and better. They have to if they're going to overcome people like me on the agenda! The kickoff speaker was "business...

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Union Bailout Update

The National Labor Relations Board is back to full strength with the confirmation of John Ring. Additionally, Ring replaces Kaplan as the board chair. Ring’s confirmation brings the board to a 3-2 Republican majority. NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb filed a motion...

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Unions Seeking Another Entree Into Politics

The foot soldiers of political campaigns are generally volunteers or low-paid employees, but a new union, the Campaign Workers Guild (CWA) is trying to change that. As you would suspect, Democrats are no more pleased with the prospect (despite campaign rhetoric) than...

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SEIU Watch

Washington State, the hub of many of the home health care workers that SEIU siphoned dues from for years, has passed a union-backed bill that will allow the state to hire a private company to help manage the growing caseload of home caregivers. Once these workers move...

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It’s All Academic

Harvard graduate students have officially elected to join the Auto Workers union by a vote margin of almost 400. This comes after a 2016 NLRB ruling granting teaching and research assistants the legal status to organize. Georgetown University has also agreed to let...

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Teamster Beat

Teamsters Local 1108 is facing the largest decertification campaign of its kind. Roughly 600 pilots working for the private jet company OneSky Crew are petitioning for a decertification vote under the Railway Act. The “straw man” (or individual speaking on behalf of...

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