As is commonly known, the Fight for $15 started with the Service Employees. However, the facts about how much the union spends on this movement are still pretty interesting. Last year, according to the International’s 2016 LM-2, that number was $14 million.

Other revelations brought out by SEIU’s LM-2s showed that Dave Regan has spent upwards of $1 million on legal representation over his failed partnership with California Hospital Association. It is bad enough that Regan has been blowing his members money by first, secretly shafting them in his negotiations with their employer; and second, bankrolling the cost to protect himself from secretly shafting his membership.

BUT, he also pays himself more than the international presidents of two of the largest unions in the country. That’s right. Regan pays himself more money than Leo Gerard (President of USW) and Dennis Williams (President of UAW). These two internationals have four to six times as many members as Regan’s local union in California.

How this guy still has a job is mind blowing.

In other SEIU news, more instances of forgery are coming out against SEIU Michigan. Click here to dive into personal accounts where SEIU forged signatures on union cards and started deducting dues from the paychecks of people who never agreed to be a part of the union.