Two top officials from SEIU Healthcare Michigan have been removed from their positions as an investigation into large amounts of money missing from the organization’s treasury plays out. The local has also been placed under an emergency trusteeship.

Deceased SEIU Payroll “recipient” Paul Policicchio

While a hearing is expected soon to uncover all the details regarding the misuse of funds, one source did some research of its own into recent financial transactions by SEIU Healthcare Michigan. One of the most interesting bits of information he found comes from the union’s LM-2s.

What these documents show is that the local has been making payments of $53,400 per year to Paul Policicchio, the local’s former president. The most recent verification of this payment comes from the 2015 report (the most recent one available). What is most interesting about these payouts is that Policicchio died in 2013. For this reason, among others, there is speculation that there may have been some secret “buyout” deal between Policicchio and SEIU International President Andy Stern. We’ll keep you posted as more details come out.

In other SEIU fraud and embezzlement news, two Minnesota homecare providers alleged that their signatures were forged by SEIU Michigan so the union “could automatically deduct membership dues” from their subsidy checks.