SEIU is known for deducting dues money from individuals who are not actually members of the union. They did it for years with home health care workers in Washington State. And now, in the wake of the Janus decision, the union could be forced to return up to $100 million in fees collected from persons who did not agree to the dues deduction.

Debora Nearman will stand as one of the first. After suing the Service Employees for deducting $3000 in dues money, without consent, from her paychecks, the union has agreed to return the amount in full.

Click here to hear from one SEIU officer who believes the Janus decision will actually be good for unions because it will force them to give members the attention they deserve.

In other news, Dave Regan gets harped on for a lot of things (for good reason). But accusations from earlier this month may take the cake. In a lawsuit filed by Mindy Sturgis, Regan has officially become one of the accused in the #MeToo movement. Many expect the discovery in Regan’s trials to expose a history of unethical power dynamics within the organization.

Overall, it’s been a pretty bad year for the Service Employees. Check out this article for a run down.