Things aren’t so hot right now for the Service Employees.

We’ll start with Local 73. After being under a trusteeship for the past year and half, members of the local have filed a lawsuit against Mary Kay Henry, SEIU President. The lawsuit asks that the trusteeship be removed and that the 25,000 members of the local be allowed to elect their own leadership again. This move came just weeks before Henry reportedly fired 10 members of the union’s staff after they announced their decision to run for the union’s executive board and top officer jobs.

Dave Regan

Dave Regan’s passing out leaflets again for the first time in 20 years. Apparently Kaiser Permanente has announced their decision to exclude SEIU-UHW from their upcoming negotiations. Who would have thought these two entities could have a more dysfunctional relationship…

And then of course there’s SEIU’s unfortunate involvement in the #MeToo movement. One source from inside the organization says that we should expect more top SEIU officials to lose their jobs over sexual misconduct allegations.