The Service Employees interest in institutions of higher learning has nothing to do with education, and everything to do with finding sources for dues extraction. Its latest target appears to be cafeteria workers in university campuses. Much like their Justice for Janitors initiative designed to place all cleaning personnel in a particular city under a global contract, they hope to group all of the employees at various cafeterias in a city into a single bargaining unit.

While the SEIU attempts to find its footing after the abrupt departure of Andy Stern for greener pastures, SEIU still finds itself with a reputation in need of repair. The Tea Party Nation recently named SEIU in a list of the 5 top liberal hate groups of 2010. According the TPN report, “SEIU is a group that has not been shy in using violence against companies who refused their efforts to unionize and have not been shy about using violence against Tea Party members.”