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Click here to make Comments at Regulations.gov

Download a Sample Comment to use as a model for your comments (please personalize)

Download LRI’s Comment to the DOL (warning: it’s a little snarky)

Others to Contact:

Contact Rep. John Boehner (Speaker of the House)

Contact Rep. John Kline (Education & Workforce Committee)

Contact Rep. Darrell Issa

Contact Rep. Steve King

Contact Sen. Jim DeMint

Additional Resources

Complete text of the DOL/OLMS press release announcing the rule

Vulnerability Assessment White Paper (our newest!)

Left of Boom White Paper

Bookmark this page! We’ll put updates here as the comment period ends. If/when the final rule becomes law, we’ll update you on strategy.

Once again a regulatory agency is pulling out all the stops to bail out their union benefactors.  This time the goal is to put every employer in the country under a “gag order” by forcing them – under threat of criminal penalty – to report things like money spent on supervisory training, attendance at seminars and even employee opinion surveys.On Tuesday the Department of Labor will formally propose a rule change to the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. This proposed rule dramatically limits the so-called “advice” exception and means that most discussions about unions between company managers and their attorney or consultant will be subject to public reporting requirements.We’ve read the 160-page document. While we have been anticipating this rule change for many months now, there are several big surprises.

What will this mean to you as an employer? Join us Tuesday or Wednesday for a special webinar briefing on the proposed rule change. What we will cover:

•    The proposed rule changes (including the DOL’s list of 13 things you are probably doing today that will trigger the reporting requirement);
•    Actions you can take today that could help prevent the proposed rule from going into effect;
•    What steps you should take if and when the change is implemented.Come back to this page frequently over the next several months where we will provide updates, suggested scripts and other information.

This live Webinar was originally delivered June 21st & June 22nd, 2011

Webinar Slide Deck

Click to Download a Sample Comment to DOL

LM-10 Part C 

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