Unfortunately for France, things didn’t settle down much this month. Last week, the police reported at least 75,000 protesters in Paris. Some of which threw stones and makeshift firebombs at police, ultimately causing the police to fire teargas.

The timing couldn’t have been worse as protests really picked up in the middle of the country preparing to host the UEFA Euro 2016 Futball tournament. As some workers rallied, cutting off fuel supplies, other workers were simply hoping they’d be able to get ahold of the fuel they needed to maintain and prepare the fields.

In other international news:

  • Ekiti (in north Nigeria) workers are protesting their government after the State hasn’t been able to pay their salaries in more than five months.
  • A Netherlands union is being accused of knowingly hiding the fact that one of the factories their members worked in was exposing workers to asbestos.
  • What started as a peaceful protest in Valparaiso, Chili turned violent when rioters started throwing gasoline bombs at buildings during President Michel Bachelet’s state-of-the-nation report.
  • A recent documentary, Cash for Kim, exposes the harrowing conditions North Korean workers are subjected to by their government.