The full economic effects of Brexit remain to be seen. But as many countries continue to sort through how they’ll deal with it, Scotland has a plan in place that unions jumped behind to support. If you’re wondering why, the plan involves accelerating planned capital projects. In other words, taking on perilous levels of debt to build public works, for which the unions provide labor. Economists are concerned about the risk of accelerating the debt while future revenue commitments remain uncertain.

Jerry Dias - President of Unifor

Jerry Dias

The three main Eurostar railway unions are in the midst of industrial action against the railways with five big strikes.  One company representative, Chris Grayling, said: “I’m very disappointed that unions keep on calling strike action over what always appear to be pretty minor matters, not to do with passengers, not to do with jobs.”

The Government of India has passed two historic pieces of legislation that deal with the exploitation of child labor and increase maternity benefits for working women.

The Detroit Three began their contract talks with Canadian auto workers earlier this month. Unifor President, Jerry Dias, expects to remain firm on one point: no deals without a commitment for continued work in Canadian plants.