The unionized workforces of Hundai, Kia and GM Korea are all affiliated with the militant Korean Metal Workers Union. The union is pushing for similar wage and bonus packages at all three manufactures, and has spurned offers thus far, creating uncertainty in the Korean auto industry.  With the union in the middle of electing new leadership, it isn’t expected that negotiations will be back on track any time soon.

President Emmanuel Macron Source: BBC

Union members and supporters of the far-left France Unbowed movement, which is headed by the former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, staged demonstrations in Paris and 180 other locations in France protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s new labor policies.  Rather than any specific changes to the labor code, most of the criticism was leveled at Macron himself. However, even among unions the opposition is divided, with only the hard-line General Confederation of Labor inciting its members to protest, while other unions are taking the approach of working with the government to try to shape policy.

Macron has also stirred up sentiments among other EU members, particularly calling out Poland for opposition to plans to change EU rules on “posted workers” - cheap labor from eastern Europe imported to more prosperous EU countries.