The CETA trade deal between Canada and the European Union made some headway last week when the European Parliament voted to approve it. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) would eliminate 98% of the tariffs between Canada and the EU. This has been a controversial agreement. You can read more about the arguments against it here.

The effects of Brexit still loom on the auto industry. Ford is the latest carmaker looking for ways to mitigate the slowing growth in Europe, not to mention the anxiety over tariffs as their current business structure involves moving components freely between mainland Europe and the U.K. The company initiated labor talks with one of their plant earlier this month.

We’re seeing a steady growth in Chinese manufacturers setting up factories in the U.S.  Part of this has to do with economic conditions in China and also because many Chinese companies “have saturated their home market and are looking for elsewhere for growth.” If Trump imposes a hefty tax on imports, we’re likely to see the boom continue here in the U.S.

To take a deeper look on China’s economic influence, check out this article on its trade relationship with Africa.

Internal relations in Israel’s Labor Party grow increasingly contentious as the election approaches in June. Get more details here.

Speaking of elections, Liberal and Labor parliamentarians in Australia continue to struggling reaching an agreement on banning foreign donations to political parties.