By the time the USMCA was approved by the House, most labor unions, and the AFL-CIO, were on board with the deal. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), however, still has a bone to pick — but not with who you’d think.

After the passage of the USMCA, UFCW put out a news release criticizing Canadian ranchers for not fighting to keep Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) requirements as a part of the deal. The UFCWs’ primary argument is that, “Keeping this information hidden endangers our health and destroys middle class meat processing jobs across our country.”

This is a big issue for the Canadian beef industry, who fought hard against COOL legislation and “reported losses of $640 million per year the last time the Americans imposed the labelling requirements before they were repealed in 2015.” The UFCW doesn’t plan on letting this go any time soon.

Early this month, India saw millions of workers go on strike to protest the Hindu nationalist government’s economic policy, “especially the planned sale of several state-owned companies.”

In other international news, a recent New York Times article lays out how the European Union is inadvertently funding forced labor in Eritrea, a country in Africa. Read the article here.