The pension strike in France has reached its fourteenth day and some of the country’s unions don’t plan to stop until they see results. The main complaint about the pension system is the governments’ plan to combine the country’s 42 pension schemes into “a single, points-based system.” Some days have included hundreds of thousands of protestors, tear gas, and arrests. Stay tuned for updates.

The walkouts over pensions at 60 universities across the UK last month weren’t quite as dramatic, but worth noting nonetheless. Striking faculty included more than 40,000 lecturers, technicians, librarians and support staff. The walkout lasted for eight days.

Also in the UK, an article in TechWorld proposes the potential of digital organizing tools as a means to “rejuvenate Britain’s trade unions.” The first effort at this came out in 2017 in the form of an app called Worksmart. So far, it has seen little success, but it includes features like translating labor law materials from the website “into more comprehensible language” and incorporating quizzes that essentially take the temperature of workforces across industries.