Duquesne University has filed a petition asking the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn an NLRB ruling ordering the university to bargain with an adjunct faculty group. The university argues that the NLRB holds no jurisdiction over it as it is a religious institution.

In a not-so-similar story out of Texas, the NLRB itself ruled that it holds no jurisdiction over a local charter school because “state law made school administrators responsible to public officials.”

Meanwhile, proponents of student unions have withdrawn petitions to organize at Yale, the University of Chicago, and Boston College. Instead, the unions – which include the American Federation of Teachers, the Auto Workers, UNITE HERE, and SEIU – said “they’d rather continue to seek voluntary union recognition from their institutions—an unlikely prospect.” Organizing efforts continue at Penn State and Harvard.

Lastly, a bill in New Hampshire looks to make it illegal for universities to spend any money on anti-union activities. Read more here.