80,000 Kaiser Permanente workers in hospitals and medical facilities across the country are due to walk out on strike beginning October 14th. Management claims to have offered a deal better than one that SEIU-UHW touted as an example at another healthcare provider, and included guaranteed wage increases of 3% across the board each year through 2022, preserve an existing pension plan and creating a $40 million workforce development fund. But while the negotiating team was still at the table, the SEIU-UHW used the strike announcement as an aggressive bargaining tactic to get more than other Kaiser unions have received.

Even as SEIU-UHW is attempting to show their “muscle” to union members while at the bargaining table, they are going behind those member’s backs to attempt to suck more “dues” out of their paychecks. SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan is trying to slide a “partnership tax” of $.25 for every hour worked into the new contract, ostensibly for an education fund to be controlled by Regan.