EFCA Strategy Review Summary

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The 30-Minute EFCA Strategy Review and Vulnerability Audit is conducted personally by Phillip B. Wilson, President of Labor Relations Institute and author of The Next 52 Weeks: One Year to Transform Your Work Environment. He has worked with hundreds of companies and can tell you exactly where your company is vulnerable. Phil charges $4,000 for a half-day strategy consultation. But there is no charge for this call (it must be strictly limited to 30 minutes).

Why are we offering this session for FREE? It’s simple. We believe EFCA could devastate American businesses, especially small companies that are responsible for most job creation and economic growth. We’ve been on the front-lines educating businesses and the public in hopes of stopping this bill. Unfortunately, we believe that a version of EFCA will become law this summer (if you want to see why we think something worse than EFCA is more likely to pass after Senators Specter and Lincoln announced their opposition, just look at this post on our web site).

We’re offering this call because we know it holds the key to preventing unions from strangling American businesses, no matter what version of the law passes. You have one critical point of leverage that won’t change even if EFCA passes: your relationship with your employees.

During our call you’ll learn our best ideas on how to maximize this relationship. These are the same strategies our clients have used for years to make their companies great places to work - not to mention immune from unions. One client Phil writes about in The Next 52 Weeks won a union election against the SEIU (the toughest organizing union out there) by one single vote before Phil started working with them. Now, nearly a decade later, the SEIU has never come close to getting another petition filed (no matter how hard they tried)!

What’s the catch? This consultation is not a thinly disguised sales presentation; it consists of the best intelligence we can supply in 30 minutes. But while there is no charge for the call, you will have to do some homework. When you call to schedule your consultation you will be asked the following questions (Phil will not conduct a call with anyone who does not agree to the following):

  1. Have you completed the pre-call questionnaire? Click here to find the survey. Phil will go over these questions with you at the beginning of your call.
  2. Have you scheduled your key leaders to be on the phone for the call? For most companies this is whoever covers the HR and Operations functions of your company. Often the company President, CEO and CFO are on the call – it is well worth the investment of their time.
  3. Do you agree to take one concrete action as a result of the call? Phil will normally identify 4 or 5 “high leverage” actions during your call that will pay big dividends for your company (most of them won’t cost your company a dime). You must agree to act on at least one of them before you can schedule the call with Phil.

To secure your slot for this strategy session, please call Tammy Swinford at 800-888-9115 and she will advise you regarding available times (schedule as quick as you can get your team assembled – Phil can only schedule 2-3 calls per week).

Remember, you must have completed your pre-consult questionnaire before you can schedule your call. The good news is that the questionnaire will help prepare you to get maximum value in the shortest amount of time – most people say that they identify one or two “quick-hit” opportunities just by filling out the survey.

We look forward to making sure your company is fully prepared for the major legal changes coming this summer. The good news is that getting prepared now will not only help you keep your company safe from union organizing, but it will also improve employee engagement which is a proven way to improve company profitability and performance. Call Tammy now at 800-888-9115 and we’ll help you do just that.

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