Employee Free Choice Act EXPOSED!

How the “Employee Free Choice” Act Sabotages Your Business

Is Your Company Safe After EFCA?

Is Your Company Safe After EFCA?

Unions painted a target on the back of U.S. employers. Their new weapon…The Employee Free Choice Act. The Employee Free Choice Act is a “US company killer”. You may already be aware, as other employers are; your business is in jeopardy. It doesn’t have to be if you find out how to protect your company. (Already convinced that you need to ACT NOW? Click Here to preview our complete Employee Free Choice Act Tool Kit solution for your company).

The Impact of the Employee Free Choice Act

A former top union organizer with one of America’s largest International Unions calls the Employee Free Choice Act, “an organizer’s dream come true.” Here’s why:

1. It gets rid of secret ballot elections in union campaigns. Under the Employee Free Choice Act, your company can be forced to bargain with a union if a majority of employees sign authorization cards in favor of a union (this is known as a “card-check”) within an “appropriate unit”. Small departments with a handful of employees within your organization qualify to become unionized. As union organizers secretly penetrate your firm, your employees become victim to high-pressure and intimidation tactics to get cards signed.

2. Severe penalties for employers. The Employee Free Choice Act also changes the current “make whole” remedies for alleged employer unfair labor practices into severe “punitive” damages, including things like triple back-pay and $20,000 fines (per incident). Astonishingly, these penalties only apply to companies and could easily devastate a small employer who will face huge legal fees just to prove his innocence.

3. Mandatory arbitration of union contracts. The most astonishing part of the Employee Free Choice Act is its mandatory arbitration provision. If you don’t reach a “fast track” contract with a union then government-appointed arbitrators - with no special knowledge of your business - are required to force you into a labor contract whether or not you can compete with it and even if it could put you out of business.

Devastating to Small (and Large) Businesses

Unions win 64% of government-supervised elections today. With the new card-check agreements, however, unions can easily get into the company nearly 100% percent of the time. This spells big trouble for employers. They no longer have to organize a whole company to get in. Most employers are shocked to learn that the median size unit organized today is 28 employees and half of all elections today happen in work groups with just a few employees. Any company with 2 or more employees can be legally targeted by Union organizers.This means firms who were never considered as union targets can now become prey. Bank tellers at banks, health care aids at nursing homes, servers at independent fast food restaurants, and even the smallest entrepreneurial start-ups are now vulnerable to become unionized.

Businesses Forced To Seek Options Once Unionized

Once afflicted with a union, companies experience the added expense of time consumed by union negotiations, arbitrations, penalties, and etc. To minimize the burden, companies seek options to outsource its labor. In this global economy, other countries provide attractive opportunities set up businesses with low tax structures and highly skilled low cost labor pools. Companies quickly close departments, offices, and plants to move its jobs to other parts of the world. In some cases, companies close its United State’s doors. The firm may shut down or relocate to another country. The impact is on you.

How You Can Quickly and Easily “Immunize” Your Company Against A Secret Union Organizing Attack

In the last 25 years, thousands of companies have won or avoided union elections completely using tools and services from the Labor Relations Institute. We teach companies how to “immunize” employees against the false promises and pressure-tactics unions use to gain support. To learn more about how to keep your company safe under the Employee Free Choice Act get our FREE action planning guide and Cheatsheet. (Already convinced that you need to ACT NOW? Click Here to preview our complete Employee Free Choice Act Tool Kit solution for your company).