If you’re fascinated by the depth and breadth of corruption among union officials and employees, this article from the National Legal and Policy Center covering the top ten union corruption stories of the year should interest you.

Along with several (dis)honorable mentions, the countdown includes:

  1. Indiana Ironworkers terrorize nonunion workers at construction site
  2. New York City Industrial Employees president pleads guilty to thefts
  3. Two Food and Commercial Workers officials indicted in NYC racketeering bust
  4. Boilermakers boss in Pittsburgh sentenced for embezzlement, tax fraud
  5. Rikers Island jail guard boss, business partner found guilty of fraud and conspiracy
  6. Several persons convicted and sentenced in UAW-Chrysler play-for-pay scandal
  7. New Jersey businessman and local UAW boss plead guilty to ripping off union benefit plan, insurer
  8. Union lawyer, Texas pharmacist sentenced for roles in massive worker’s compensation claims scam
  9. Contractor sues AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Council for inflating Hudson Yards project in NYC by over $100 million
  10. U.S. Supreme Court overturns public employee union monopoly in its Janus ruling

Read the full story for the juicy details.