Every month, we list the newly indicted union officials who have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar (our Sticky Fingers section). We’ve also covered huge scandals like the recent Fiat Chrysler/UAW Training Center fiasco. For another perspective of the rampant nature of union corruption, take a look at the recently history of embezzlement and theft within a single union - in this case within the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).

In just the last couple of years, former local IATSE officials in Alabama, Alaska, Virginia and Michigan have either been indicted, pleaded guilty or been sentenced for stealing funds from their local unions. In the last ten years, the states of California, New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Tennessee and South Dakota must be added to the roster. The ten-year total of pilferage comes in at around $900,000 in union funds.

  • Benjamin Wisecarver of Local 264 in Virginia accounted for $57,310.
  • David Hendricks of Local 900 in Alabama, $13,987.
  • Anne Reddig of Local 918 in Anchorage, $193,275.
  • Bernadine Bell of Local 757 in Detroit, $73,000
  • Ira Alper of District 9 in Wisconsin, $76,768
  • John J. Brennan of Local 23 in Rhode Island, $74,056
  • John McNamee, Jr of Local 829 in New York City, $150,000
  • Paul Wyatt of Local 220 in Sioux Falls, $35,023
  • Stephen J. Pfeiffer of Local 60 in Pensacola, $12,000
  • Carl White of Local 251 in Madison, WI, $85,969
  • Teresa Cora Luna of Local 504 in Anaheim, $67,416
  • Darrell Pendergrass of Local 699 in Tennessee, $70,336