President Borack Obama speaks to crown at rally on Labor Day in  Detroit, Michigan September 5 2011.  UAW local 909 president Ghana Goodwin-Dye introduces President Obama. Richard Trumpka, President AFL-CIO and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis address crowd. Dennis Williams addresses crowd at rally for President Obama photo by Rebecca Cook

UAW President Dennis Williams photo by Rebecca Cook

Volkswagen has officially been ordered by the National Labor Relations Board to begin bargaining with the Auto Workers at their Chattanooga plan. Volkswagen has stood firm in its stance to only bargain with UAW if and when they represent all 1,400 production workers at the factory in Chattanooga. When the UAW failed to organize all workers, and instead carved out a micro-unit, the NLRB consented.

VW has filed a federal appeal.

When negotiations wrapped up for the Detroit 3 last December, the UAW claimed the final decisions as a big win for their membership. Not only did they get all Big Three auto manufactures to grant an increase in wages, they also got them to commit to investing billions in U.S. plants over the years.

Like we stated at the time, the union’s short-sightedness would likely do damage in the long run. Ford has announced that it will be moving all of its U.S. small car production to Mexico. You can thank the UAW for that.