Is there a target on your back? Do you know how to tell?

Unions make cost versus return decisions just like any business. Did you know that there are several factors that indicate whether or not you are a likely target for a union organizing attempt, whether your employees think they want a union or not?  One of your first lines of defense is simply knowing whether or not you are likely to be targeted, just because it’s convenient for the union.

Because every company is impacted by different aspects of the external climate, we have a variety of ways to approach the data and format helpful information.

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External Vulnerability Audit

Know what’s going on beyond the walls of your building.
With our extensive library of databases, we can assess factors such as union density, recent union activity such as filed petitions, elections and strikes, the presence of local union offices, and if unions most attuned to your type of business are among the locally active.


Site Selection

Don’t accidentally move into a “bad” neighborhood!
Identify the best labor relations environment for locating a new operation, or evaluate and rate several potential locations using our proprietary databases. Use our data to identify locations with high union density, heavy organizing activity, strike activity and much more. Drill down to individual zip codes or extend your search to include a radius around a proposed location. The most highly sophisticated site-selection tool to identify union activity that is available.

LRI Online Alert Service

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Eye In The Sky

Keep an eye on any changes in union activity near you.
Union activity often happens in “clusters” and it is not uncommon for an organizer or team of organizers to blitz companies in an industrial park or on the same street. For this reason an important part of your company’s vulnerability is union organizing activity in the immediate vicinity of your locations. Our Eye in the Sky reports alert you immediately if a union files a petition in the vicinity of any of your locations. Plus you see trends in particular areas, giving you advance warning of when where you should focus your positive workplace activities. An invaluable resource for multi-facility companies.


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Opportunity Assessment: Internal Vulnerability Audit

Do you have systemic processes that could be exploited by an organizer?
Our expert consultant visits your target location and conducts a “stem to stern” review of your employee relations policies and practices, including interviews with key supervisory employees. The goal is to identify key vulnerabilities based on how your facility compares to best practices. You receive a complete report outlining what you’re doing right, what you can improve and an action plan to attack those areas before a union organizer does.