Union avoidance isn’t written about too regularly. This is the second in a series of tips I offer to companies facing a union organizing campaign. They cover 6 keys to winning an anti union campaign. This one covers the number of meetings to hold during your election campaign.

This couldn’t be more simple: if you hope to win your NLRB election, you must conduct a minimum of 5 captive audience meetings.

Both union-sponsored research and our own vast experience conclude conclusively that the odds of a company victory increase with each captive audience meeeting held. Up to 5 meetings the effect of each meeting is dramatic. Even after the 5th meeting the chances of a company victory continue to improve, but at a much slower pace.

The captive audience meeting is management’s most important weapon in a campaign. It gives the company the opportunity to tell its story. The company gets a chance to counter any union propoganda. Finally, it helps to reinforce the company’s leadership position and gives companies leaders a chance to build trust and familiarity.

The challenge for most companies is what to say during those 5 meetings (that is why our video program is designed with 5 presenations) and how to keep the attention of employees during that period of time. As you plan your campaign calendar make certain that you plan at least 5 meetings and identify how you plan to keep employees engaged during those 5 presentaions. It literally means the difference between winning and losing a union election.

The Next Tip: Opposition Research

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