AI hiring software is becoming more prevalent and those in the industry say we should get used to it. HireVue is one of the companies getting the most spotlight for its offerings with more than 100 employers, including Hilton and Unilever, now using this system. Here’s how it works:

“Generally speaking, AI interviewing products combine mobile video interviews with game-based assessments. The AI platform then analyzes the candidate’s facial expressions, word choice, and gestures in conjunction with game assessment results to determine the candidate’s work style, cognitive ability, and interpersonal skills.”

There are obvious concerns when it comes to regulating these kind of hiring practices and Illinois looks to become the first state in the US to do so. Learn more about what the Illinois Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act seeks to address here.

In other AI news, retail warehouse operations are embracing ‘cobots’, or collaborative robots, to help seasonal workers with the flood of online orders.