Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already deeply entrenched in the HR systems of companies worldwide, with 83% of U.S. companies using AI in some form. Globally, current uses include:

  • Using chatbots to look up information such as company policies or benefits (56 percent).
  • Identifying the best candidates based on publicly available data, like social media profiles (44 percent).
  • Providing recommendations for learning and training to employees (43 percent).
  • Using chatbots to engage with candidates during recruitment (41 percent).
  • Screening and assessing candidates during recruitment (40 percent).

What is more interesting is what companies are targeting to do with AI in the near future. These include:

  • The ability to identify employees who are disengaged or at risk of leaving.
  • Suggestions of job openings or career paths for current employees.
  • Help in the performance management process.
  • Customization or improving benchmarking in compensation.

How soon will labor relations “heat maps” be produced by AI so we can focus on strategies to stay out front of festering issues?