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Teamsters Exposed

Information Teamsters organizers hope your employees don't see before your upcoming union election.

  • Is your company facing a Teamster election that threatens to drive a wedge between you and your employees?
  • Are your employees only getting one side of the story from a paid organizer or deluded Teamster supporters?
  • Have your employees fallen for the "too good to be true" promises of a union organizer?
  • Do you wish there was a way to quickly and easily get THE FACTS into the hands of your employees - before it is too late?

Like any good salesman, the Teamsters organizer is trained to tell your employees exactly what they want to hear. They exaggerate the benefits of the Teamsters while avoiding or even covering up the problems. The organizer knows that most employees - when given a chance to see the facts - will not vote to be represented by a union.

How will your employees find out the truth? Here are THE FACTS your employees need to see TODAY. Before it is too late.

The Teamsters Report: Hoffa to Hoffa (20-minute DVD Video)

LRILRIFrom Jimmy Hoffa Senior to Junior, The Teamsters Report examines the history and issues that continue to dog the Teamsters. Through news clips, dramatic graphics, and revealing comments from a former organizer and union officer, this presentation answers the tough questions every voter should ask about Teamsters representation. Credibility with voters is further enhanced by the video's familiar TV news magazine format. Add to secure shopping cart - only $895

The Teamsters Rap Sheet (reproducible handout)


This 22-page document is irrefutable proof that the Teamsters have not cleaned up their act. Here are the 643 union officials and members charged with wrongdoing by the government-established Independent Review Board. Charges include: Associating with organized crime; Assault; Embezzlement; Falsifying records; Financial misconduct; Bribery; and Extortion.

The Teamsters Rap Sheet provides the names, positions held, locals, locations, dates, charges, and IRB decisions that show the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the same as it always was - corrupt. Add to secure shopping cart - only $200

Teamster Unfair Labor Practice Charges (reproducible copies of actual charges against union)

LRILRINothing can more powerfully illustrate the Teamsters empty promises than complaints against the union by its own members. Unfair representation, coercion, and violence are typical of the complaints filed against the Teamsters by its own members. You receive the 100 most recently filed charges against the Teamsters (if you order multiple quantities we will go back even farther). Add to secure shopping cart - only $499

Teamster Clipping File (reproducible article library)

LRILRIWe maintain an extensive file of newspaper clippings related to the Teamsters. These files include stories about union violence, corruption, embezzlement, racketeering, fines against members, and other unsavory activities. Reproduce and distribute these compelling articles to your voting group. Undecided and union-leaning voters are often converted by impartial, third-party reporting of the union's recent history. Add to secure shopping cart - only $225

Teamster Constitution, Bylaws and Financial Statements (reproducible handouts)

LRILRIProvisions from the Teamsters constitution and Local Bylaws cover dues and special fees, union trials and discipline, as well as pages of complicated rules and regulations. The LM-2 form is like the Teamsters "tax-return" that shows how much money the union takes in and how that money is spent. Facts drawn from these documents that must be filed with the government will help convince your employees to vote "No" on election day. You receive an International Constitution, Local Bylaws (when available), International LM-2 and Local LM-2 - Add to secure Shopping Cart - Only $499

Complete "Teamsters Exposed" Package (includes Teamster Report video, Rap Sheet, 100 Unfair Labor Practice Charges, Clipping File, Constitution/Bylaws, and Financial Statement). Receive a volume discount if you order the complete Teamsters Exposed package. Spearately purchased you pay over $2,300 - only $1,949.


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In 1989 the Justice Department brought a racketeering case against the The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), saying that it was a "wholly owned subsidiary of organized crime." Since 1992, the Teamsters have been overseen by an Independent Review Board (IRB) that is charged with making sure the union stays clean. It is not entirely clear that this IRB has succeeded.

• Four of the last eight Teamsters presidents have been indicted.

• A 1999 Congressional report accused the Teamsters, under President Ron Carey's leadership, of "misuse of union assets, misrepresentation of the IBT's financial affairs, questionable transactions, and illegal activities during the 1996 IBT election, all at the expense of the rank-and-file."

• A 2002 article in the generally pro-union New Republic magazine noted "... Indeed, corruption within the Teamsters may actually have increased in recent years … Hoffa has been in office only a little more than two years, but already the IRB has charged several Teamster officials with corruption and with mob associations.”

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