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Am happy to see this info offered free to get us started.

tlhis service is a REAL service to non-union and unionized companies, alike. I appreciate being able to download this valuable strategic information--especially when it is free.
R. Long

I appreciate your presentation and have seen the corruption firsthand as a member of the UAW. Please continue the good work

Union Goats?

It appears unions have a problem with goats these days…

Not in general of course, just the ones who act like scabs. And yes…a goat can now be considered a scab for doing work that a union member should be doing. At least that’s what the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1668 thinks.

They’ve officially filed a grievance against Western Michigan University for bringing in a herd of 20 goats to clear a 16-acre lot instead of assigning that job to a union crew.

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