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Always enjoy reading the latest and greatest posts and activity updates. This is a 'favorite' site for me and has been referred to several colleagues involved in and who want to learn about labor relations.
G.L. Moore

Always on target with content---timely, and email reminders appropriate---not too many. LRI is a super group.
T. Dibiase

I would suggest making this information louder and more often. If enough of this info had been disemminated sooner, we may not be facing this situation today. Keep up the good work.

Union Goats?

It appears unions have a problem with goats these days…

Not in general of course, just the ones who act like scabs. And yes…a goat can now be considered a scab for doing work that a union member should be doing. At least that’s what the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1668 thinks.

They’ve officially filed a grievance against Western Michigan University for bringing in a herd of 20 goats to clear a 16-acre lot instead of assigning that job to a union crew.

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