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Hi Phil, I would like to thank your team on our recent victory over the IAFF in our election on Friday. We won with about 2/3 of the votes in our favor. I could not have done it without the great work of Scott. He got to the root of the problem almost immediately and got me headed in the right direction. Thanks again for your expert help.
W. Woodcock

thank you for good information,
J. Schulz

I appreciate your presentation and have seen the corruption firsthand as a member of the UAW. Please continue the good work

Labor Relations INK May 2017

In this issue:

Make It Go Away AFL-CIO Skews the Facts Union Money Shell Game Fight For $15 Insight, Scoreboard, Sticky Fingers and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Can We Confirm a Board Already?

This is getting pretty frustrating.

Believe me, I understand that the labor relations tail is never going to wag the dog of any new administration. And to be fair, it took President Obama more than a year to get his first two NLRB seats filled (with the controversial recess appointments of Craig Becker and Mark Pearce). But still.

As far as labor law goes we are currently in the 9th year

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Union Money Shell Game

In 2016, the UNITE HERE financial disclosure forms indicate that it contributed more than $237,000 to Yale’s graduate student union, which eventually became UNITE HERE Local 33. However, the Local failed to disclose the receipt of the funds, leaving it anybody’s guess how the money was spent and highlighting again union transparency concerns.

In another shell game, a former USW employee and her husband siphoned off over $50,000 from an Institute of Career Development fund set up between the Steelworkers union and major steel companies, designed to provide educational services to Steelworker union members.

Another Unionized Business Dies

After 26 years in business, Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City is closing its doors. Carl Icahn, who bought the resort out of bankruptcy, decided to cut his losses from the money-losing enterprise when he couldn’t come to terms with the unionized employees. UNITE Here Local 54 has had the employees out on strike for 102 days following two years of contract negotiations.

Social Media Spotlight

SpotlightIt’s no secret that unions are way ahead of companies in their effective use of social media tools. Each week there are more and more examples of unions creatively using these tools to connect with workers on organizing campaigns, public protests (like the recent Fight for 15 protests against retailers and restaurants), and contract campaign efforts (like the Hyatt Hurts campaign used by HERE).

LaborNotes reviewed a recent webinar on the use of these tools. It is a must-read for the “state of the art” in the use of social media by unions. The article not only describes multiple recent examples of unions using social media, but also lists a number of the actual tools used to execute these campaigns.

While the article admits that social media must

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Ten-Year Strike Proves Futile

Unite Here Local 1 members began their strike at the Congress Plaza Hotel on June 3, 2003. Now, ten years later, what has been dubbed the longest strike in history is over. The result: nothing.

Since that empowered day in 2003, many of the the original 130 strikers have crossed the picket line and returned to work or found new jobs elsewhere. Of those who stuck it out, they will return to their positions at Congress Plaza making the same wage as they did more than a decade ago.

In 2005, when the strike was then only two years old, experts began to question the effectiveness of the strike, criticizing Unite Here for being weak.

INK ~ January 24, 2013

In this issue: Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson Union Bailout Update Right-To-Work Revival Employee Advantage by Eric Vanetti SEIU Watch, Scoreboard, Social Media Update, Sticky Fingers, and more…



Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Could Right to Work Save the Labor Movement?

Unions are dead. Kaput. Finished. At least that’s what you’d think if you spent much time reading the labor press the last few weeks.

First, Michigan went right-to-work. Then, this week, the Department of Labor announced that union membership declined to its lowest level since the Roosevelt administration.

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Social Media Spotlight

There is definitely an art to union organizing and campaign efforts. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has launched a new website tailored to Delta Flight Attendantswith the Quality of Life theme. IAM Delta’s most notable new tool is that interested parties can now request or download a “pre-filled out union authorization card.”The FAQ section of the websitedoesn’t cover the fact that when they sign the “pre-filled out union authorization card” it becomes a legal and binding contract between the interested party and the union. They are, however, doing a good job of competing with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) campaign for Delta flight attendant votes.UNITE HERE is getting in on the mobile app action by guiding travelers to

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INK ~ September 20, 2012

In this issue: · Union Bailout Update · A Strike Of Personality · Dems and Thugs Hug and Make Up · EFCA 2.0: A Closer Look at Obama’s Platform · SEIU Watch, What’s Your Caption?, Scoreboard and more…

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Union Bailout Update

Well, it’s September and, as anticipated, the NLRB poster rule has once again reared its ugly head. Oral arguments began last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals as

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INK ~ August 2, 2012

In this issue:

Union Bailout Update Known By The Friends (?) You Keep Whose Conscience? UniteHere Cited For 3-Year Stall SEIU Watch, Social Media Spotlight, Sticky Fingers, and more

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson: Should the “Right to Organize” Be a Civil Right?

UAW leaders think they’ve found the answer to getting doors slammed in their face in Mississippi: Martin Luther King Jr. His picture hangs on the wall in their organizing office Canton Mississippi

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Union Bailout Update

The great recession appears to have hit everything, including presidential politics. After two decades of blockbuster elections, the 2012 version has a very John Carter feel to it. We’ll grant that we haven’t even gotten to the conventions, but we’re not looking forward to an election that at this point looks like will boil down to a slap-fight over who’s killed more jobs over their career. At this point it looks like it will come down to how many years Mitt Romney worked at Bain Capital, although Obama still has a few months to pad his numbers.

You know presidential politics has hit a lull when Richard Trumka (the one-percenter to rule all the 99-percenters) announces that the AFL-CIO is focusing more on who it will back in

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