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I have used this site since the Introduction of EFCA. Great info., reliable comments and I have respect for those leading this organization.
T. Newport

Easy to move around. Links work as identified

Excellent information on EFCA.
C. Mosquera

Trump, Small Business, and Obamacare: Phil’s Advice for Frontline Leaders

kgouHow will Trump’s expected actions to repeal and replace Obamacare effect small business owners?

That’s what KGOU, an NPR broadcast company in Oklahoma, wants to know. They reached out to Phil for comment. Click here to check it out.

Unions Shift Attention to Small Shops

6-18+INTIMIDATIONTraditionally, small shops and family-owned businesses have not been unionized because the cost per acquisition of union members has been too high. However, unions are now employing a new effort in metropolitan cities like Chicago, organizing individuals through community worker centers to inform workers of their “right to organize.” The unions are having some success organizing these employees of mom and pop shops.

The unintended consequences of collective bargaining contracts are typically magnified in such small businesses. In order to stay competitive in their markets, they may have to reduce their workforce, hire fewer workers, reduce hours, keep older equipment in use rather than replace it, and increase prices to the end consumer.

In Portland, Oregon, lottery deli workers are

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