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As a current target of a union organizing campaign, I highly value this site to provide me any new information regarding the Card Check Bill or anything that could be of value in combating what is unquestionably the most undemocratric and biased procedure and battle I have ever encountered. Representing oneself is difficult enough and I appreciate all that the LRI does.
M. Nelson

I learned a lot from watching the video. My Executive Team truly enjoyed watching the video and we will definitely look to your company for guidance and training materials in the future.
L. Johnson

great to be able to get good information to educate employees

Laziness At Terminal 6

In 2010 when ICTSI Oregon, the company that operates Terminal 6 at the Port of Portland, first took over operations, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union put on a happy face and welcomed the company with open arms. Since then, the two have been involved in a major dispute over who would be responsible for plugging and unplugging the power cords on reefers (refrigerated containers). Last December, the decision was made to reassign those jobs from members of the electrical union to longshore workers.

Since that decision was made, the Port’s general manager and ICTSI’s manager at Terminal 6 have both filed affidavit’s with the NLRB claiming that productivity has severely decreased, estimating that the performance cost for this operation has tripled from $300,000 a year when the Electrical Workers were responsible to $900,000 a year now that ILWU has taken over.

The union has continued to ignore the

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INK ~ January 24, 2013

In this issue: Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson Union Bailout Update Right-To-Work Revival Employee Advantage by Eric Vanetti SEIU Watch, Scoreboard, Social Media Update, Sticky Fingers, and more…



Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Could Right to Work Save the Labor Movement?

Unions are dead. Kaput. Finished. At least that’s what you’d think if you spent much time reading the labor press the last few weeks.

First, Michigan went right-to-work. Then, this week, the Department of Labor announced that union membership declined to its lowest level since the Roosevelt administration.

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Obama Appointee Accused of Embezzlement Cover-Up in Lawsuit

A recently filed lawsuit names Richard Griffin, NLRB member and Obama appointee, as a defendant in an embezzlement cover-up. The lawsuit alleges that Griffin was responsible for terminating employees who attempted to expose the embezzlement at a major labor union.

Griffin worked for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) as their former general counsel. Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) are alleged in the lawsuit as numerous.

The appointment of Griffin to the NLRB in January 2012 by President Barack Obama was controversial. Some observers described the appointment as illegal because Griffin was never required to face confirmation hearings or undergo a standard background check.

SEIU Watch

Mary Kay Henry, International President of SEIU spoke in support of “Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week” last week at a press conference in Washington DC, despite the consistent record of abuse allegations against SEIU and their affiliates that earned the union the nickname “purple people beaters,” courtesy of victims of SEIU-thuggery.

Last issue, we brought you news of a RICO suit that has been filed against SEIU affiliates in Connecticut and New Jersey. In the suit, the companies allege that two SEIU locals have made them the target of criminal activities including defamation and sabotage. (Sounds like bullying to us.)

Moreover, the same day that Henry showed her hypocrisy by boasting views of anti-workplace bullying, a civil rights

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SEIU Watch

While SEIU healthcare ranks are forming picket lines across the country, the purple giant is once again (for the second time in two years) being hit with a federal lawsuit using the RICO Act, an anti-racketeering statute typically used in cases of organized crime.

New Jersey based HealthBridge Management and CareOne own and run nursing homes in Connecticut and five other states. Last week they filed a federal lawsuit claiming that two SEIU locals have engaged in extortion by enlisting politicians and liberal activists in attempts to shame the company into caving in to union demands.

Of the eight Connecticut homes run by HealthBridge five have been plagued by the picket lines of some 600 SEIU District 1199 members since July. River Glen Health Care

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Judge Rules SEIU RICO to Go Forward

A U.S. District judge has denied SEIU’s motion to dismiss racketeering charges filed on it by Sodexo. The ruling clears the path to discovery and trial in the claim that SEIU conspired to extort by threatening financial damages unless Sodexo gave into the union’s demands.

An SEIU press release called the lawsuit “part of a much grander and larger assault on the rights of workers to bargain collectively,” as if SEIU is beyond reproach. Sadly, two internal SEIU documents have recently surfaced that tell quite a different story — a corporate campaign manual that cojoles members to break the law and a 485 page organizer training manual that teaches SEIU staff to “steal, steal, steal” and “get vicious” with those who won’t support the union.