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This is a very important website. I am a Union worker but an American First and the idea of open/non-private voting is repugnant to me. It flies in the face of American tradition where your vote is and should be CONFIDENTIAL. Most Union employees feel as I do and they need to know what this is all about. As far as I know, I hope, this sort of thing is not happening in the Union to which I belong. If I find out it is I will protest. All I can say is keep up the good work. I will pass this around to everyone I can. They cannot intimidate me.

Very interesting. I like what you have to point out and await the information disc.
T. Eby

Labor Relations Insight - August 2017

by Phil Wilson Unions and the Corporate “Death Spiral”

A friend of mine recently interviewed for a big promotion to a top HR role. His final interview was with his future boss and 2 operations leaders. The interview was winding down and my friend started to relax a little – he was feeling pretty good. Then his future boss asked, “What questions do you have for us?”

What would you ask in that situation? My friend is pretty quick on his feet and asked a great question: “What’s the number one priority I can support each of you with?”

But my friend was a little surprised by the answer he got. That’s right – he got the same answer from each person: Retention. Retention. Retention.

In Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital

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