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tlhis service is a REAL service to non-union and unionized companies, alike. I appreciate being able to download this valuable strategic information--especially when it is free.
R. Long

Terrific, particularly on breaking news issues
P. Lantingan

I appreciate your presentation and have seen the corruption firsthand as a member of the UAW. Please continue the good work

Do As I Say…

It is almost comical how often union hypocrisy is on full display, while unionistas don’t even notice, or simply turn a blind eye. In the latest example, the alt-labor organization Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) wants to hire someone to spearhead its campaign to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers. The ads for the position specify “an experienced legislative advocate [who will] live and breathe this campaign from now until the end of the New York State legislative session,” yet also specify that the worker will be an independent contractor, not an employee.

The ROC has railed against businesses that consider workers as independent contractors. Once again, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Alt-Labor Momentum

A spokeswoman for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, an influential worker center, finally admitted what we’ve known all along: “worker centers are just third-wave unions.” The only difference is that they can’t collect dues the same way a union can, which means the majority of their funding comes from private contributions (by unions and grants).

ROC-ChicagoThe icing on the cake is that since they are considered non-profit charities, they do not have to file a yearly LM-2 exposing the value of their assets, where those assets came from, or how their money was spent. This explains how the SEIU-funded worker centers have been able to take so many liberties in their support of the Fight for $15 movement; and it appears that their exploitation of the

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