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No Opting Out Allowed

Unions spend millions of dollars each year on politics – no surprise there. As the National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) reported, Big Labor spent $1.7 billion in the 2016 election season. What is troubling is where unions secure the money it spends on politics. According to Mark Mix of the National Right to Work Committee, $1.3 billion came from general treasury funds. This is where union dues goes upon being siphoned from employee paychecks.

In over half of all states now, union members are supposedly able to “opt-out” of paying any fees to the union for anything except representational activities on their behalf. In reality, all of their “fees” for such work go into the general pot, and the union spends it as it sees fit, even if against the political wishes of those fee payers.

This short article uses the AFSCME LM-2 recently filed to

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Unions May Lose Power If Prop. 32 Passes In California

The campaign spending numbers speak volumes. Proponents for California’s Proposition 32 campaign have spent $8.8 million, while unions have spent $33.6 million to derail it.


If Prop. 32 passes, unions would lose the ability to automatically deduct money directly from employee payroll checks for political spending. If unions have to come hat-in-hand asking for contributions, their political spending pot will diminish substantially. They don’t want a repeat of Wisconsin, and fear that a reduction in money earmarked for political spending will diminish their influence in Sacramento. Thus, they are fighting this to the death.

It is clear that the ramifications of Prop. 32 passing would likely yield an unhappy chain of events for

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INK ~ July 19, 2012


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* Union Bailout Update

* Astronomical Union Political Spending Coming to Light

* Dispute Over Two Union Jobs Cripples a Region

* Healthcare Workers & Machinists – An Unlikely Union?

* SEIU Watch, Only In A Union, Scoreboard and more…

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Do Unions Kill Businesses? Join a Discussion Between a Union Business Agent and Phil Wilson

This morning I

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Only In A Union: Racketeering, Money Laundering, and Theft

Pat Santeramo, former president of the Broward Teachers Union In Florida, is facing accusations of roughly $300,000 in theft of union funds thought to be obtained through kickbacks from a contractor, sick and vacation pay obtained through a forged document, and even personal use of BTU credit cards.

The criminal charges against Santeramo are 20 deep and include racketeering and money laundering – charges which have also blocked his bail pending a hearing to confirm that his $480,000 bond doesn’t hail from criminal gains.

Board members finally voiced their suspicions when they noticed the same company, Marstan Construction of Coral Springs, was receiving all of the contract work for the union. Ultimately, these concerns led to an audit which resulted in Santeramo’s arrest. The audit revealed

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The Constitutional Right to Spend Dues

In a 45-page brief filed in Federal Court last Friday, Operating Engineers Local 150 shot Big Labor in the foot by taking the bold and truly original legal stance that Indiana’s new Right to Work law is unconstitutional on the grounds it denies the union its “right of political free speech” as established by Citizens United. The union claims that cutting off the flow of forcibly collected dues restricts the union’s ability to act politically, because unions spend a significant percentage of dues collected in non-Right to Work states on politics.

“In this case, the state of Indiana restricted a channel of speech-supporting finance,” the union brief maintains. “The union legitimately utilizes dues money collected through the agency shop provisions in its collective bargaining agreements, in part, to finance political speech. The Indiana Right

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How Unions Buy Our Elections

This week in the National Review, Jonathan Collegio offers some strong insights into the big muscles labor unions flex in every election cycle. Unions and their allies in the media would like nothing more than to keep the negative focus on the evil 1% donors like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and the “Super PACs” and continue to promulgate the myth of elections controlled by corporate billions. As Collegio writes, “Many roll their eyes and ask: How can Big Labor ever spend more than Big Business?”

It’s simple, actually. Businesses are in business to make and then take a profit and a business doesn’t stay in business for too long if its decision makers are in the

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