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Superb structure and content advisory for the LM avalanche approaching. I particularly liked the tripwire commentary and redirection to the Jump team. Then there are those masterful remarks in the communications tips, especially the employee-centric point.. Liked the set up to the toxic employee in a compressed time period...should be appealing to most managers.
W. Moyer

I saw this video at a recent seminar on union avoidance and it scared me to realize how easily employees could be "convinced" to sign a union card.
J. Wadle

I learned a lot from watching the video. My Executive Team truly enjoyed watching the video and we will definitely look to your company for guidance and training materials in the future.
L. Johnson

Labor Relations INK, September 2016

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Education Taking Big Hits The Six Percent Solution Unions Urban Impact SEIU Watch, Insight, Scoreboard and more…

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Labor Relations INSIGHT by Phil Wilson

Today is the first day of fall. This is my favorite time of year. School starts back up and things tend to get into a more normal routine. The weather begins to cool off. The hiking trails around here get much more bearable (not to mention beautiful). And football season is in full swing (Go Blue! And Go Team Big House – my fantasy football team).


While I really enjoy this time of year, it is not without its downsides. Last weekend I personally witnessed another favorite team,

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Unions On The Campaign Trail

Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine

One of the reasons Tim Kaine was such an interesting pick as running mate for Hillary Clinton was his stance on right-to-work laws. As Governor of Virginia, Kaine supported his state’s decision to establish right-to-work. Apparently now Hillary has clarified that while Kaine supports the States’ right to choose, he opposes the establishment of right-to-work on the federal level.

This was a necessary clarification for the Clinton campaign as Hillary looks to bring home the union vote. It’s not a hard get when you look at the history. Here’s a fun fact:

“40 percent

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