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Love your EFCA articles.

Excellent information on EFCA.
C. Mosquera

I appreciate your presentation and have seen the corruption firsthand as a member of the UAW. Please continue the good work

Labor Relations INK August 2017

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National Employee Freedom Week New Study: Private Sector Unions Do Not Raise Employee Pay Union Pension Turmoil Insight, Teamster Beat, SEIU Watch, Scoreboard and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson Unions and the Corporate “Death Spiral”

A friend of mine recently interviewed for a big promotion to a top HR role. His final interview was with his future boss and 2 operations leaders. The interview was winding down and my friend started to relax a little – he was feeling pretty good. Then his

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App Makes It Easier To Report Bad Employers

The Workers Lab is working on a new app that makes reporting OSHA violations much simpler.

The app doesn’t have a name yet but is being built by SeeClickFix, a civic technology company that has changed the game in reporting and resolving community issues. The SeeClickFix app allows regular citizens to report problems that need fixed to the appropriate local government officials. So far it has had nearly 2.5 million complaints filed.

While this may appear to be a good thing, there is a high possibility of the tool being taken advantage of. Think “bad apple” employees who have an axe to grind with management. Or avid union supporters who would use it to pressure the company into encouraging or embracing organizing activity.

The worst potential side effect is that this app will likely increase the distance between leaders and those they lead. After

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The Infinite ROI of Talent Development

training development

“Training pays.”

Seth Godin says this in his recent article on “the infinite return on investment” of talent development and training. He provides this example:

Imagine a customer service rep. Fully costed out, it might cost $5 for this person to service a single customer by phone. An untrained rep doesn’t understand the product, or how to engage, or hasn’t been brought up to speed on your systems. As a result, the value delivered in the call is precisely zero (in fact it’s negative, because you’ve disappointed your customer).

On the other hand, the trained rep easily delivers $30 of brand value to the customer, at a cost, as stated, of $5. So, instead of zero value, there’s a profit to the brand of $25. A comparative ROI of infinity.

And of course, the untrained person doesn’t fall into this trap once. Instead, it happens over and over,

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Labor Relations INK September 2015

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New Tool for Organizing Leverage Political Season & Labor Talk Tax Payers Subsidizing Union Labor Debunking Union Myths SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard, Insight and more…

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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson

Harry Johnson’s NLRB term expired on August 27th. It was way too short. Thankfully Member Johnson was able to leave a few parting shots before he departed. There have been so many important changes over the last few weeks it is impossible to cover them all. These are the things I’ve been asked about most and a few thoughts about the implications:

Who is going to replace Harry Johnson? I haven’t seen much buzz on this so far. The only rumor I’ve seen suggests Roger King. Roger would be a terrific choice – he’s among the sharpest labor

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Labor Relations Ink – August 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.20.03 AM

In this issue:

Between A Rock and a Hard Place? Who’s Got Your Back? Same Song, Different Verse Bending Over Backwards SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard, Insight and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Fast Food Strikes, the NLRB and the One Lesson of Economics


Credit: RaiseUpMKE.org

Fast food workers protested across the country today in favor of a $15 per hour minimum wage (and “union rights” – which of course they already have). It is always hard to separate the facts from

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Social Media Spotlight – August 2014

SpotlightIf the NLRB’s policies over what qualifies and what does not qualify as protected concerted activity confuse you, then join the club. This is especially true when it comes to one’s social media rights.

Most companies have policies in their handbook that basically say if an employee sheds a negative light on the company via social media, the company is within their right to fire said employee. However, if you look at the NLRB’s recent rulings on the issue, you would never get that impression.

On August 22, the NLRB upheld an administrative law judge’s January 2012 decision that Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille unlawfully fired two employees for liking another employee’s negative post about Triple Play on Facebook. Two and half years later, the company is being forced to

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Market Basket Showdown

What is the lesson in the “good cousin/bad cousin” Market Basket story?

Obviously, earning and keeping the loyalty of your employees is a good thing. These employees were angry enough at a change in leadership that they were willing to take concerted action in the form of pickets and strikes, even though they are not represented by a union.

Interestingly, they also saw no value in union “help,” turning down an offer from the Teamsters.

An unfair labor practice charge has been filed with the NLRB against Market Basket, claiming the company is “violating the right to picket and strike.” Although the company is prohibited from firing employees for their activities, they can hire replacements if the employees refuse to work. It will be interesting to see how far the NLRB will bend precedent in the case.

Apparently, the “good cousin” will be returning to his

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Bending Over Backwards

Raymond Burse

Raymond Burse

Starbucks has gone to great lengths recently in an effort to earn the trust and loyalty of its workforce, including tuition help. In its latest move, the coffee shop will revise scheduling procedures to put an end to irregular scheduling practices for its baristas. The new policies are designed to end such practices as giving only a few days’ notice of working hours; sending workers home early when sales are slow; shifting hours significantly from week to week, and scheduling employees to close one night while opening the next morning (known as “clopening”). Employees seem cautiously optimistic, knowing that it is up to individual store managers to take the initiative to override the scheduling software in order to implement the new policy.

Kentucky State interim

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INK November 2013


In this issue:

Slugging It Out In The South Approachability – Part II You Said What?! Union Corruption Beyond Borders SEIU Watch, Social Media Spotlight, Scoreboard, Insight and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Let me start by saying, “thanks.” Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It focuses us on something that is in short supply today: gratefulness. I am grateful for all of our readers and supporters, so thank you!

I am also grateful for our incredible clients who invite us into their companies to help them create positive places to work for hundreds of thousands of people. I am grateful for the amazing LRI team (our home office team

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Labor Relations INK, May 2013



In this issue:

The Fight for 15 – or What? Former NLRB Chair Speaks Out Right To Work: An Excuse For Union Intimidation? SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard, Insight and more…[based on current issue]

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Why Union Members Should be Up In Arms Over “Alt-Labor”

This month has been a big one for alt-labor. Alt-labor, for the uninitiated, stands for alternative labor groups. Unlike traditional unions who focus on organizing companies, alt-labor groups focus more on organizing worker populations independent from companies.

While these groups have been around a long time,

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