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New Blood

bela-lugosi-dracula-ftrUnions are getting creative in their attempt to stem their declining membership roles. While they still have not made inroads in some of their recent high-profile targets, such as big box retail stores and fast food restaurants, they have found some new blood in some interesting places.

A handful of notable digital media companies succumbed to organizing pressure last year. Although print newspapers have been churning out union members for decades, the move into the world of online media is recent.

Tech company shuttle drives in the San Francisco Bay area and bike share companies across the country have begun to migrate into the union fold as well. Although small, these first three groups all represent the young, hip and tech savvy. The trend might be worth

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It Pays To Fight Back

The New York State Nurses Association threw in the towel in a recent attempt to organize 250 RNs at a New York hospital, even though they said they had the support of a “majority” of nurses. What caused them to turn tail? Apparently, hospital management decided to stand up for employee rights, distributing information about the realities of unions and union life and holding one-on-one meetings with the nurses.

As usual, the union cried “foul,” but St. Mary’s President and CEO Vic Giulianelli stated that the hospital simply “provided accurate, factual and verifiable information to enable our RNs to make an informed decision as to whether it is in their best interests to have NYSNA serve as their sole and exclusive representative.”