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Excellent coverage of labor issues such as EFCA.
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I saw this video at a recent seminar on union avoidance and it scared me to realize how easily employees could be "convinced" to sign a union card.
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Labor Relations Ink September 2017

In this issue:

Perception & Reality Do As I Say… Never Squander A Good Crisis Who Needs Another Social Network? SEIU Watch, Insight, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard and more…

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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson

The more things change…

My tenth Christmas was the worst. It started out well enough. I knew I was getting one of those handheld LED football games. This was the one where you could play head-to-head with whoever had the audacity to think they could compete with you. My brother Kyle was first in line.

As the big day approached we were giddy with anticipation. Kyle’s special talent is talking people into stuff that will either get them into trouble or hurt

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Never Squander A Good Crisis


In a blatant attempt to capitalize on the catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey, the SEIU once again shows its true colors. The SEIU-funded Texas Organizing Project Education Fund launched the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund, not to distribute anything that would benefit the devastated residents of the Houston area (although to cover their butts, they’ll include a few bottles of water I’m sure), but to pay for union organization efforts! “Your donation is vital to ensuring that we have the resources we need to organize and fight for Texans devastated by Hurricane Harvey,” states the web site.

When confronted with questions about the intent of the program, Executive Director Michelle Tremillo attempted to “clarify” that “100 percent of

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Auto Workers

In last month’s issue of INK, we covered the federal investigation of Virdell King and other UAW officials in the Fiat Chrysler National Training Center case, where $4.5 million was skimmed from the program.

This month, former UAW Local 2419 president was sentenced to federal prison for mail fraud and embezzlement. Bob Buford, president from Jan. 2007 to Oct. 2011, redirected over $129,000 from dues collections into his personal account, and attempted to cover it up by filing falsified reports with the government. His sentence includes 21 months in prison and 3 years of supervised release.

When the UAW lost their election campaign at a Mississippi Nissan plant, they partly blamed the loss on the bad publicity of the Training Center case. Whatever the reasons (irrelevance?), the UAW is struggling, as is evident by the merger of two locals in Lordstown, OH. The move is touted as

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Auto Workers

For the first time since the Auto Worker’s 2014 attempt to organize the Chattanooga, Tenn. Volkswagen plant, the union held a representation vote in the South. And lost. Again. This time at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Miss. Despite receiving only 37% of the vote, many believe the union isn’t going to let up.

That would come with little surprise, as it’s exactly what happened in Chattanooga. Remember how they set up an office just down the road from the plant only months after the election? And how they accused Volkswagen of interfering? It appears we’re in for the same strategy with Nissan.

One thing that this outcome reiterates regardless of if the Auto Workers want to accept it or not – the majority of southern auto workers aren’t interested in union representation.

Meanwhile, the union has also been dealing with a federal investigation into corruption at the

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SEIU Watch

After receiving a formal complaint from the Freedom Foundation, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a charge this month against SEIU Leadership Council 14 for campaign finance violations including the union’s “failure to register and report as a political committee, find a treasurer for its committee, and identify a depository for funds with the State Public Disclosure Commission.” The suit also accuses the SEIU Council of making more than $5 million in unreported political contributions – $2 million of which were made during the 2016 election cycle.

You probably remember that last year, a jury ruled that SEIU Texas should pay $7.8 million to Professional Janitorial Service as settlement over a bitter organizing campaign that occurred years ago. This large of a payout was expected to put the SEIU local into bankruptcy. Lucky for them, the International stepped in recently and reached a confidential agreement with PJS

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Philly Building Trades Council Head Under Investigation

Johnny Doc Dougherty – Image: BigTrial.net

“Johnny Doc” Dougherty has been a key subject in a year-long FBI wire-tapping investigation. Additional wiretap targets Marita Crawford, political director for Mr. Dougherty’s Local 98 of the Electricians union, and City Councilman Bobby Henon. Prosecutors were looking at possible crimes ranging from embezzlement of union funds, tax evasion, extortion by an unnamed public official, mail and wire fraud, and the use of “economic fear” to pressure contractors. Considering the complexity of the investigation, it could be months, if at all, that charges come from the investigation.

Teamster Beat

John Coli Sr.

Early this month, one of the most powerful labor leaders in the country, John Coli Sr., Teamsters Joint Council 25 President, was indicted for extortion. Prosecutors allege he cheated a local business out of $100,000 in cash by “threatening work stoppages and other labor unrest unless he received cash payoffs of $25,000 every three months by the undisclosed business.”

Court proceedings began last week. Coli plead not guilty.

Labor Relations Ink June 2017

In this issue:

Mafia/Union Ties Still Strong Union Wrestling Match Pensions On The Ropes Insight, SEIU Watch, Fight for $15 and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Three Things Congress Can Do to Fix Labor Law Today

It’s been another month and we remain not one step closer to a Republican majority National Labor Relations Board. I suppose you could say the Administration took a quarter-step when it announced this week its “intention to nominate” Marvin Kaplan to the Board. That’s a quarter-step in the right direction, but a better step would be officially nominating both Kaplan and Bill Emmanuel, so that the Senate can start the

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Mafia/Union Ties Still Strong

FBI agents and NYPD cops arrested 19 members and associates of the Lucchese crime family in a May 31st sweep. Crimes charged included wire fraud, racketeering, drug trafficking and murder committed over a 17-year period.

How does this tie into unions? According to the article,

Labor racketeering was a big part of this crime web. And it was the elder Steven Crea who made it happen. During January 1991-October 1998, brothers Giuseppe and Fred Scalamandre, owners of several Long Island construction companies, paid Lucchese crime family boss Alphonse D’Arco and underboss Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso about $40,000 a year to avoid making scheduled union benefit contributions, as specified in collective bargaining agreements. The Lucchese organization then paid off bosses and agents of Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) Local

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Labor Relations INK May 2017

In this issue:

Make It Go Away AFL-CIO Skews the Facts Union Money Shell Game Fight For $15 Insight, Scoreboard, Sticky Fingers and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Can We Confirm a Board Already?

This is getting pretty frustrating.

Believe me, I understand that the labor relations tail is never going to wag the dog of any new administration. And to be fair, it took President Obama more than a year to get his first two NLRB seats filled (with the controversial recess appointments of Craig Becker and Mark Pearce). But still.

As far as labor law goes we are currently in the 9th year

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