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Thanks for helping businesses understand the deceptive practices of the unions and their coercion
K. Parson

Very good info available on this site. I end up printing it out and keeping the info available.
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INK December 15, 2011

In this issue:

• Union Bailout Update • Occupy Does Union Bidding in Port Protests • UAW Not Targeting Nissan, Much • Teamster $150K Club • Scoreboard, SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers and more…

Union Bailout Update

Breaking News:

President Obama announced late Wednesday evening that he plans to nominate two lawyers to the National Labor Relations Board. The Board will no longer be able to issue decisions or create major new rules without a three member quorum and Craig Becker’s recess appointment ends on Dec. 31.

The president will nominated Sharon Block, deputy secretary for congressional affairs at the Department of Labor, and Richard Griffin, who is the general counsel for the International Union of Operating Engineers.

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Funding Occupy

In this video, hear it from the lips of union members: their union (in this case, the NNU/CNA) is funding Occupy ralleys.

Decline of American Healthcare?

According to National Nurses United (NNU) and the AFL-CIO, the healthcare sector has the fastest growth rate in the organized labor movement. If you attended or viewed our “Rising Storm in LTC” webinar, you are aware that nurses and nurses aids are two of the employment groups expected to see explosive growth in the next few years. It should come as no surprise that Big Labor is drooling over this employment sector, since their work cannot be outsourced and their numbers are growing.

About 170,000 RNs (about ten percent of RNs in acute-care hospitals) are represented by unions out of the current total potential of 1.6 million hospital RNs. That’s a huge pond in which to fish! Since 2009, NNU has organized 11,000 RNs.

Decline of American Healthcare?

Strike Happy NNU Intimidates Voters

Tufts Medical Center is condemning the MNA/NNU for the manner in which it conducted a recent strike vote for the center’s nurses. Tufts claims the union refuses to release the vote count which the union claims showed “overwhelming” support for a strike. Nurses also report significant voter intimidation and irregularities in how the vote was conducted. Nurses report the union forced them to mark their ballots while members of the bargaining committee watched. Others who expressed the desire not to strike feel their vote was treated differently, including being told to place their ballot in an envelope with their name on it. The union also lied when it told nurses they were only authorizing a one day strike; Tufts has made it clear that for the sake of continuity of care any strike will bring in replacement nurses for a

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Social Media Spotlight: MNA

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWQ-GJ1DqwY /] The Minnesota Nurses Association is one union to watch when it comes to social media organizing and any employer still complacent about social media organizing should take notice. In an MNA SlideShare presentation, the union lays out how it uses Facebook to network and engage not just its members, but patients, celebrities, politicians and the general public. Facebook also allows the union to share stories, flyers and videos with members, the media and a complex web of union friendlies during campaigns. It’s also worthwhile to see how the union dominates media coverage in this YouTube video.

Be sure to visit the LRI Union Free YouTube Channel to view this and other entertaining and informative videos.




“Claims About Patient Care Were Bullsh*t”

MedCity News caught up with Phil again to respond to the settlement the Minnesota nurses made with area hospitals.

“If you look at it at face value, it looks like the hospitals got what they wanted and the union didn’t really want to go on strike,” said Phil Wilson during the interview. It has been alleged that the new National Nurses United union pressured the Minnesota affiliate into the strike to “prove” it’s value to members, and this agreement may indicate there is some truth to the charge.

Phil was also quoted to close the article,

“The only conclusion you can draw is that the claims about patient care were bullsh*t,” said Wilson of the Labor Relations Institute. “It was a bargaining ploy using patients as the pawn.”

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INK: January 14, 2010

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

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In This Issue:

• EFCA Update • UFCW A Jobs Killer • SEIU Watch • Only In A Union • and more…

EFCA Update

Although the Senate appears to have been happy to focus on health care “reform” and thus avoid the discussion of the Employee Free Choice Act, it seems the Senate has painted themselves into a corner by pushing a version of the health care bill that includes a tax on “Cadillac” health plans, while excluding a full public option. Both the House and Big Labor are opposed to the “Cadillac tax,” and the unions were hoping for a full-monty public option.

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INK: December 22, 2009

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

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In This Issue:

• EFCA Update • British Airways’ Christmas Gift • Aggressive New Labor Giant Takes First Steps • PLUS December Scoreboard, Employee Relations Tip-Of-The-Month, and more…

EFCA Update

As the year comes to an end, the Employee Free Choice Act sits simmering on a back-burner, awaiting a Congress that is intent on passing some type of healthcare reform before Christmas. Our sources in Washington are saying that as January rolls around, so will the EFCA.

There is still no firm idea as to what type of compromise may actually be proposed. Apparently, all of the trial balloons floated over the past 6-8 months have not gained

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INK: December 15, 2009

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

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In This Issue:

• Insight from Phil Wilson • EFCA Update • (Un)Intended Consequences • UAW= Poor Quality • and more…

Labor Relations Insight from Phil Wilson

Top Ten Books For Remaining Union-Free

Recently a student interested in becoming a consultant asked me for a list of books I thought they should read to prepare. It reminded me of a post I’ve wanted to do for a long time. So here is my recommended reading list for someone interested in becoming an employee relations consultant, or anyone interested in creating a positive workplace.

What are your favorite books for creating a positive workplace? I’d like readers to suggest their favorite books on creating a

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INK: November 24, 2009

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

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In This Issue:

• EFCA Update • Embattled Teamsters • Healthcare Bill a Windfall for Big Labor • PLUS November Scoreboard, Employee Relations Tip-Of-The-Month, and more…

EFCA Update

The most significant news about the Employee Free Choice Act actually came from the Healthcare bill vote this weekend. Three of the key Senators that EFCA opponents are (were) counting on to prevent a cloture vote refused to allow a Republican filibuster of the Healthcare bill, saying that even though they do not like the bill in its current form, they felt it best to allow the bill to move forward to full debate. We can probably expect a similar move when EFCA moves forward soon.

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