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I saw this video at a recent seminar on union avoidance and it scared me to realize how easily employees could be "convinced" to sign a union card.
J. Wadle

tlhis service is a REAL service to non-union and unionized companies, alike. I appreciate being able to download this valuable strategic information--especially when it is free.
R. Long

Am happy to see this info offered free to get us started.

Union Leaders And Money – A Bad Combination

Five years ago, the Boilermakers union was called out for its lavish spending on leadership salaries and expenses. In response, the union made a big show of cutting the fluff. And a show was all it was. As reported by the Kansas City Star, in the five years since, the union has quickly gone back to their old ways of

six-figure salaries for officers and their relatives. Fine dining, stays in posh hotels and expensive hunting retreats. Cars as parting gifts for retired employees, and hundreds of thousands spent on promotional events and videos. All while membership continues its downward spiral and the pension fund struggles to stay afloat.

Newton B. Jones

Let us put some numbers to it. The salaries and expenses of President Newton B. Jones and his

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The Good Life…

Life must be good for officials and staff of the California Nurses Association, since they just laid out about $65 million for the most coveted office space in San Francisco!

Life isn’t so good if you’re a Boilermaker in Pittsburgh. The FBI is investigating the potential diversion of over $1 million in unauthorized expenditures over the last three years. The excesses of this union had been documented in 2012 by a Kansas City Star expose, indicating that over half of the 125 employees of the international headquarters pulled down over $100,000 per year, and the union spent over $500,000 on maintenance and fees of its two planes that year. Apparently the Pittsburgh local thought they should be emulating the example set at the head office.

And if you want to succeed as a Teamster in Boston, it appears you had

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