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This is a very important website. I am a Union worker but an American First and the idea of open/non-private voting is repugnant to me. It flies in the face of American tradition where your vote is and should be CONFIDENTIAL. Most Union employees feel as I do and they need to know what this is all about. As far as I know, I hope, this sort of thing is not happening in the Union to which I belong. If I find out it is I will protest. All I can say is keep up the good work. I will pass this around to everyone I can. They cannot intimidate me.

Right To Work

Missouri is fighting to keep its newly enacted right-to-work law in place, and Big Labor recently achieved a victory in the courts that paved the way to bring the issue to a public vote. Due to go into effect on Aug 28, opponents have collected more than 300,000 notarized signatures, 3 times the minimum required to push the measure to the ballot box in November 2018.

While Big Labor continues to fight against right-to-work laws with its right arm, the left arm is starting to pull the ballot lever for right-to-work! In Maine, the Maine State Employees Association (an SEIU local) agreed to eliminate the requirement that state employees who choose not to join the union pay a mandatory fee to the union for collective bargaining and other services, in exchange for a 6 percent pay increase over the next two years. Union loyalists of course are

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Whistlin’ Dixie

aft-logo2At the end of this week two teams of Oregon School Employees Association members, an extension of the American Federation of Teachers, will head south in an attempt to convince teachers in Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas that the best way to kick off the school year would be to instigate a union organizing drive. Best for who? Certainly not the kids.

uawContinuing their pattern for attacking southern manufacturers, the Auto Workers now have Hyundai in their sights. Late last month the union sent members to Hyundai facilities across the country to spew degrading accusations at an organization that has employed thousands of American workers during its 10 years of operation in the U.S.

Hyundai responded to UAW’s classic accusations of low wages and unsafe working conditions

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Getting Creative

silicon_valleyThere’s never been much of a union presence in Silicon Valley. These companies have never given their employees a reason to want to organize. Instead, they utilize their exorbitant amounts of cash to treat their employees to high salaries and perks like free gym memberships and cafeteria food.

The Teamsters have developed a new strategy to attempt to infiltrate the companies that occupy this territory – it involves the blue collar workers that provide support services to companies like Facebook and Google. Most of these tech firms hire their bus drivers, security guards, janitors, etc. through third party companies. Though these people still make a decent wage, they don’t get the perks that the tech employees do. These are the people the Teamsters are going after.

After seeing some organizing

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Labor Relations INK ~ February 2013

In this issue:

Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson Union Bailout Update LRIOnline 2013 Annual Report Feature Love You or Leave You by Eric Vanetti SEIU Watch, Scoreboard, Sticky Fingers, and more…



Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Unions love to hate companies, especially publicly traded ones. After all, attacking big companies lets unions combine some of their favorite pastimes. They get to rail against the 1%, hang out with politicians and celebrities, get on TV and, perhaps most important of all, bring out The Rat.

Scabby the Rat is

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Healthcare Beat

In an interesting move, the National Federation of Nurses (NFN) has secured an affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The affiliation provides stability for the NFN, a 34,000-member alliance of nurses that was hastily formed in 2009, but failed to secure the AFL-CIO membership, which left it vulnerable.

The new merger has now made AFT the third largest nurses union in the nation with 82,000 members nationwide. The largest nurses union is National Nurses United (NNU) with 185,000 members followed by SEIU’s Nurse Alliance with 85,000 members.

Last year, half of the NFN’s membership was lost when an effort was spearheaded by insurgent bedside nurses who all voted to leave the NFN.

A formal complaint has

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INK ~ August 2, 2012

In this issue:

Union Bailout Update Known By The Friends (?) You Keep Whose Conscience? UniteHere Cited For 3-Year Stall SEIU Watch, Social Media Spotlight, Sticky Fingers, and more

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson: Should the “Right to Organize” Be a Civil Right?

UAW leaders think they’ve found the answer to getting doors slammed in their face in Mississippi: Martin Luther King Jr. His picture hangs on the wall in their organizing office Canton Mississippi

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Sticky Fingers

Current charges or sentences of embezzling union officials:

James Charleston – AFGE: $1,000 Jacquelyn Pugh-Rodgers – AFGE: $1,000 Mary Craigen – AFGE: $1,000 Pat Santeramo – AFT: $300,000


SEIU Watch: Teachers Unions! Look Out!

SEIU announced it would be sponsoring a nationwide webcast on “the dangers of for profit colleges” on February 2. “Good for Wall Street, Bad for Students” will concentrate specifically on the Art Institutes, Argosy University, Brown Mackie College and South University — all of which are owned by Pittsburgh-based Education Management Corporation.

According to the union’s press release, the purpose of the webcast will be to “expose” questionable recruiting practices at EMC schools that allegedly “target” low income students, using scholarships to lure their victims into otherwise inaccessible private school educations, only to then get them hooked on learning and convinced that the most attractive path out of poverty is a college degree (and not just a $9/hr SEIU union janitor job), while tricking them into applying for student loans, all so private school 1% fat cat Wall Street types can buy more Super Bowl tickets and further enslave

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