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Kepp fighting the good fight we are doing our part at our company. I am going to talk to employees right now!!!!
J. Thompson

Current and to the point - thanks
T. See

Had an opportunity to meet and listen to Phil in this week's CUE Conf. His presentation was an absolute home run - which is very appropriate for the host city - home of the Louisville Slugger. This information clearly focuses on "preventive medicine" which should eliminate or greatly minimize the risk of any serious "illness" - Left of The Boom is a great way to show importance of being pro active and what happens when we wait to react. Great job !
S. Bloom

Student Socialists Strung Along By Union Group

If you need a humor break, watch this 20-minute episode of Louder with Crowder, where he infiltrates a socialist student group who is supposed to be teaming up with a union to deliver a protest…

…except the union is a no-show!

Ok – you may not need to watch the whole thing – your pity meter may be red-lined within a few minutes.


Alright – grab a cup of coffee and get back to the real world!

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