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thanks for keeping the public informed.
L. Zamora

I work for a staffing vendor and manage major accounts. My accounts are both 3PL facilities and warehouses. I recommend your information to my clients to assist them in making the right decisions and identifying solid resources to help them in educating both their management teams as well as their employees. I have found your information to be extremely helpful to me in helping direct them. Thank you!

tlhis service is a REAL service to non-union and unionized companies, alike. I appreciate being able to download this valuable strategic information--especially when it is free.
R. Long

Stoetkit Junior Review

I recently auditioned a new amplifier called the Stoetkit Junior and wrote this review. It is a beautiful little 9-watt tube powered amp available as a kit from FS Audio (click on listening rooms, then click on Stoetkit). A really enjoyable amp that compared favorably to my Zen Select.

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