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Thanks for helping businesses understand the deceptive practices of the unions and their coercion
K. Parson

There's a wealth of information on this site and it covers everything a person may want to know about unions. I'm glad I was able to see this site and know where to look in the future should I need more information.
L. Melton

Kepp fighting the good fight we are doing our part at our company. I am going to talk to employees right now!!!!
J. Thompson

Sticky Fingers

prisonerCurrent charges or sentences of embezzling union officials:

  • Jeffrey Velfing & John Crosby – NPMHU:  $6,758
  • Norman Seabrook – COBA:  $60,000
  • Robert Tuttle Jr. – IBT:  $11,275
  • Daniel Ternitsky – UMW:  $10,680
  • Jason Leach – USW:  $2,524
  • Jeremy Leach – USW:  $3,111
  • Bonita Scherling – CWA:  $19,886


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