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Very good info available on this site. I end up printing it out and keeping the info available.
G. Behling

Superb structure and content advisory for the LM avalanche approaching. I particularly liked the tripwire commentary and redirection to the Jump team. Then there are those masterful remarks in the communications tips, especially the employee-centric point.. Liked the set up to the toxic employee in a compressed time period...should be appealing to most managers.
W. Moyer

Great resource! Look forward to getting every time. Has not disappointed us. Keep it up!!
R. Stembridge

SEIU Watch

SEIU is facing more accusations of fraud; similar to those from 2014 when the Supreme Court ruled that the union was illegally collecting dues from personal home health care workers. “Members” of the union have recently filed a petition to decertify SEIU, making this the “largest union decertification effort ever” with 27,000 supposedly organized people.

Christine Boardman, former President of SEIU Local 73

Christine Boardman, President of SEIU Local 73, appealed the International’s decision to keep the Local under trusteeship for the time being. Local 73 was placed into an emergency trusteeship last August. The most interesting part about all of this is that when it comes to SEIU, you never really can tell who you can trust less—the Local who has been placed under trusteeship or the International who placed the Local under trusteeship.

Members of SEIU Local 1000, along with a right-to-work attorney, have filed a lawsuit to change the way SEIU collects dues money. The primary issues at hand have to do with members who would like to opt-out of paying in dues money that gets contributed to SEIU’s political agenda; as well as changing the statute that requires members to opt-out at a specific time each year. If a member forgets to re-opt-out, or if they miss the deadline, dues will again be deducted from their paycheck until the annual “opt-out enrollment” the following year.

And last but not least in SEIU news, a Sacramento County Superior Court judge has officially thrown out Dave Regan’s lawsuit, filed in November 2015, against California Hospital Association officials. This makes for the third lawsuit lost by Regan in relationship to his failed backroom deal with CHA executives. The news apparently doesn’t have him down and out too much as it’s just come out that he will officially be running for reelection next month.

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