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M. Stewart

I am delighted to inform you that I was successful in our decertification against AFSCME Council 5, St. Paul, MN. This was a grass roots effort by three employees of Anoka County who felt we did not need union representation. I believe we were successful because of the valuable esource of LRI. Please feel free to share this with your staff. I would be happy to speak with anyone from LRI if it would be helpful. Thanks Again!!!

Very interesting. I like what you have to point out and await the information disc.
T. Eby

SEIU Watch

Earlier this month was the deadline to submit signatures for statewide ballot initiatives to be voted on in the November election. One initiative that Washington State voters should expect to see is Initiative 1501. Proponents of the bill say that it is a “measure to protect senior citizens from financial crimes.” However, the Freedom Foundation says differently:

It’s the latest step in an ongoing fight over the same issue, and that being whether the state has to disclose to the Freedom Foundation the list of SEIU 775-represented individual providers, or IPs.

SEIU 775 represents individual providers, or people who get paid through Medicaid to care for those with disabilities or the elderly. The Freedom Foundation has been trying to get a list of those IPs so they could make sure the caretakers knew that they do not have to pay the union dues automatically deducted from their check if they don’t wish to. This, after the Supreme Court ruled in Harris v. Quinn that home health care workers “cannot be compelled to financially support a union they don’t wish to join” back in June 2014.

SEIU doesn’t want Freedom Foundation to get ahold of those names for obvious reasons, though they’re claiming this initiative is about protecting the privacy of their members.

It’s interesting when unions claim to care about working people when that message is rarely seen through their actions.

Dave Regan

Dave Regan

Dave Regan is a prime example. After spending millions of SEIU members’ dues money on a California ballot initiative – that actually violated his secret deal with the California Hospital Association (a secret deal that was more about protecting hospital administrators than his members) – Regan was ordered by a federal arbitrator to withdraw his ballot initiative.

After years screwing over California businesses, the public, and his own members, it comes as no surprise that now top political and union leaders don’t even want to be in the same room with Regan. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer he is able to keep his seat.

Another example of SEIU hypocrisy involves their Fight for $15 organizers. Not happy with their working conditions, these organizers have been trying to join SEIU’s staff union, Union for Union Representatives. SEIU is fighting the move by claiming their Fight for $15 organizers aren’t actually employees…even though we all know they are.

One Fight for $15 organizer claims she is “in the same position” as those workers SEIU is trying to organizer: “overworked, underpaid and precariously employed…”


In other bad news for SEIU, Local 521 lost about 20 percent of its membership last month when Fresno County Correctional officers voted to change their representation from SEIU to an independent union, Fresno County Public Safety Association. This was the members’ fourth attempt to decertify SEIU. SEIU was able to get the last election, which they technically lost, nullified after complaining that ballots were mailed out four days early.

Local 521 must be doing something wrong because they’re expected to lose more than 300 more members when a vote is held at Morgan Hill Unified School District.

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