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I have used this site since the Introduction of EFCA. Great info., reliable comments and I have respect for those leading this organization.
T. Newport

Great information all lumped into one web site.
R. Balser

Had an opportunity to meet and listen to Phil in this week's CUE Conf. His presentation was an absolute home run - which is very appropriate for the host city - home of the Louisville Slugger. This information clearly focuses on "preventive medicine" which should eliminate or greatly minimize the risk of any serious "illness" - Left of The Boom is a great way to show importance of being pro active and what happens when we wait to react. Great job !
S. Bloom

Rough Justice for Longshoremen

note baseball bat

A U.S. District judge has found a Washington state ILWU local in contempt of court for defying a restraining order against further destruction to the Longview grain terminal at the Port of Tacoma. The union was fined $250,000 with the money to be divided between the terminal owner, local law enforcement, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company and the NLRB. The union called the damage assessment “rough justice” and plans to appeal.

Since the restraining order was issued, several longshoremen were arrested for blocking a train bound for the facility on September 7, and more than 500 port workers stormed the terminal the following day, damaging rail cars and other property. The grain terminal is unionized, just not by ILWU, which claims “exclusive representational rights” to the port.

Meanwhile, because they haven’t blown enough dues money on lawyers this week, the union filed retaliatory civil rights charges against law enforcement officers, the city of Longview and the county, claiming “rough treatment” of union supporters. And after over 200 arrests since July, the union’s first new order of business will be the recall of the sheriff of Cowlitz County.

One way to help recoup those lost dues dollars? Burlington Northern Santa Fe says the FBI is involved in an investigation of twelve recently discovered instances of tampering with train tracks. BNSF has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprits.

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