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We help our clients earn, protect and retain their direct relationship privilege, as we have for nearly 40 years. We also help leaders in unionized work places protect management flexibility and engage their represented employees. We do this by teaching Approachable Leadership and educating leaders how to communicate lawfully, respectfully and effectively. We are the go-to partner for clients seeking to assess and mitigate risk, maintain early warning of employee relations problems, and prepare leaders for respectful and effective conversations that teach.

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Is there any way…
…to make this permanent? Sorry, but I’m just not a fan of soccer on ice.
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Getting into a pickle
Mt. Olive Pickle Co. agreed to pay more money for cucumbers and to “encourage” growers to recognize the Farm Labor
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Labor 101?
It’s Labor 101 according to labor leaders. Andy Stern of the SEIU is calling for consolidation of unions around the
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China labor shortage
Nathan Newman has an interesting link about an impending labor shortage in the Chinese manufacturing sector. Although the conclusion his
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Who’s watching the till?
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I am always suspicious when an office secretary is able
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Haymarket statue
I am looking forward to seeing this live one day. Interesting monument to a tragic day in labor history. I
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How long until the Big 3 got the way of steel and airlines?
This guy (God bless him – he’s 109) has been retired and receiving fully funded health insurance from GM for
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Labor political power RIP? (part III)
Yeah, what he said (Cafe Hayek comment on the Broder article, also questioning the wage statistics much more persuasively than
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Labor political power, RIP? (part deux)
A great blog post at Decembrist debates the question of whether there can be an effective progressive movement without a
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With friends like these…
Houston Teamster leader permanently suspended for embezzlement. And a story about the nice parting gift negotiated courtesy of a Chicago
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Is "Kerry Supporter" a protected class?
The austrian-school libertarian in me believes business owners and employees should be free to negotiate whatever employment terms they wish
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Labor political power, RIP?
Super article from David Broder on the weakness of the labor lobby. His statistics could use more than a little
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