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We help our clients earn, protect and retain their direct relationship privilege, as we have for nearly 40 years. We also help leaders in unionized work places protect management flexibility and engage their represented employees. We do this by teaching Approachable Leadership and educating leaders how to communicate lawfully, respectfully and effectively. We are the go-to partner for clients seeking to assess and mitigate risk, maintain early warning of employee relations problems, and prepare leaders for respectful and effective conversations that teach.

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More on the New Unity Partnership
Harry Kelber is a stalwart for union democracy (not that long ago he was kicked out of the CWA after
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George on "presenteeism"
I guess this goes into the “great minds think alike” category (or at the very least “birds of a feather
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Stern on social security
Andy Stern, President of SEIU, has a Blog that is definitely worth reading for people interested in labor issues (whether
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Great article on 2 tier wage agreements
The Detroit news has a very thorough and thoughtful article on two tier wage agreements in its Sunday edition. It
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Did I say MILLION worker march?
What I meant to say was HUNDRED worker march. Ouch.
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Steelworkers (and SEIU) associate membership program
If unions have any hope to become relevant in today’s economy they will need to implement more ideas like this.
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With friends like these II
Mobbed up longshoreman local officials getting what’s coming to them. From the article: “According to the indictment, Cernadas and the
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Wal-Mart to close Quebec store?
You knew it was going to happen at some point. Wal-Mart is threatening to close one of the Canadian stores
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"This year, our members are more likely to vote their job and not their hobby."
Best quote from an interesting article from the LA Times on get out the vote efforts by unions this election
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What’s wrong with today’s labor movement…
…explained in one article. This recent article in Labor Notes purports to explain the problems with today’s labor movement. It
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An early Halloween fright for you
According to the HR Policy Association (citing a study by the Employment Policy Foundation) twenty Fortune 1000 companies are expected
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George’s Labor Blawg in the news…
Just ran across an article in this month’s Corporate Legal Times about blawgs that prominently mentions George’s Labor Blawg. That
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