YouTube Video: Pelosi Wants EFCA To Happen Soon!

Check out this YouTube video covering: Pelosi Wants EFCA To Happen Soon!

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Minnesota Nurses: Union Harassing us!

As we often tell prospective union members when they’re faced with the union question, union members who strike in droves and refuse to cross the unions picket line are not necessarily the product of solidarity or brotherhood. It’s too often the begrudged reality  that if they dare to cross the unions picket line, they may face the wrath of the union itself, which often includes charges, trials, fines, and other unspoken harassment similar to what these  nurses in Minnesota who dared to think independently are experiencing.

YouTube Video: Hey NUHW: "Let's Get It Started!"

Check out this YouTube video covering: Hey NUHW: “Let’s Get It Started!”.

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INK: July 22, 2010

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

In this issue:

EFCA Update Corruption Runs Rampant In Carpenters Union Organizing Tactics Never Die… Scoreboard, SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers and more…

EFCA Update

Enthusiasm does not seem to be dissipating on either side of the EFCA struggle. The Big Labor/Dem camp had to duck hard as a national campaign strategist prophesied the loss of the House in the upcoming elections, inspiring incentive for pushing labor-agenda bills through the lame-duck Congress later this year.

Big Labor has been flexing its muscle with expanding use of shareholder resolutions, and it is expected to continue with such assaults, especially as a fall-back tactic if an EFCA-type bill fails to pass

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Head On Collision In California

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has indicated she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and take on Big Labor, particularly the huge and politically active California Nurses Union. The CNA-NNOC took the initiative during the primary campaign when they launched a “Queen Meg” actress dressed as Whitman to hound her on the campaign and fund-raising trail.

Whitman recently sent nurses in the state a four-page letter inviting nurses to join an advisory panel. She is positioning herself as pro-nurse, but is against unions, which she says symbolizes California’s undisciplined spending, political gridlock and inefficient, outdated operations.

The nurses union has already spent upwards of $300,000 opposing Whitman, and will spend heavily as the election approaches. They continue to fight back at Whitman, most recently by sending protesters to her house. “I think

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Fat Cat Union Bosses

This is a great 2 minute Fox News video exposing the exorbitant salaries and benefits that union bosses around New York are drawing, while their union locals are languishing. Examples:

• Hector Lopez, president of Metal Polishers Local 8A-28A – the union is running a $330,000 deficit in 2008 while Lopez took $148,000 in salary… $40,000 more than union rules allow! • Rocco Miranti – head of Local 223 for Toy and Novelty Workers – his union is a half-million in debt with an almost non-existent pension fund, while he and his family took in more than $400,000 last year (while he worked about 8 hours a week- that’s about $1,000 per hour!). • Bill Duffy – boss of Operating Engineers Local 138 – which has less than 20% of its membership employed, while Duffy, his brother, son,

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By Hook Or By Crook

A recent editorial out of Michigan exposes the attempt by the state’s legislators to again team up with unions and create a “shell” state organization through which to force another group of home health care workers into paying dues to various unions, such as SEIU and AFSCME.

We have discussed the ploy by Big Labor and several state governments that has pushed family home-care providers into dues-paying union members, and in Michigan this occurred in 2006, benefiting the UAW and AFSCME. That state’s human services department has yet to adequately explain its role in that development, which has led to a legislative inquiry and a lawsuit. This new law takes a new class of health care providers who work with the elderly and disabled and accomplishes the same thing.

According to the article,

The National Federation

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Social Media Strategy Tutorial

A young entrepreneur known for providing highly useful union organizing content on the Web has released a new resource that will soon be in the hands of organizers near you, so be prepared! The next iteration of using the Web for organizing goes beyond information dissemination, or even research.

Following the overall trend of focusing on Social Media, Jason Mann has released a video tutorial with accompanying worksheets that explain the art of using the key social media sites to find and/or organize groups of employees, and how to then effectively enter the conversation in such a way as to gain the trust of the audience, and hopefully move a union organizing effort forward.

There are lessons to be learned for those on the management side, and as much as I hate to give money toward any union effort, I believe the $10 that goes to this young

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Corruption Rampant In Carpenters Union

The running story of the racketeering case against New York Local 608 of the Carpenters Union continues to unfold, revealing widespread corruption and bribery going back 15 years.

In addition to the five former members already sentenced, two more were added to the list in recent weeks. Michael Brennan, who was a union shop steward, pleaded guilty on July 6 specifically to racketeering acts involving the acceptance of cash bribes and obstruction of justice. John Greaney, former president and business manager, has pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to all 13 counts against him. According to the North Country Gazette account:

“Between 1994 and their arrest in August 2009, Greaney and his co-conspirators engaged in a racketeering conspiracy to enrich themselves and others and maintain control of the Carpenters Union through, among other things, the unlawful acceptance of

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Employee Relations Tip Of The Month

Em-Power To The People!

Work is most motivating to employees when they have a say in determining how it gets done. Besides being more motivating, it’s also more developmental for employees when they are allowed to bring their own experience and expertise to bear on a situation.

When employees are clear about the goal and desired results you’re after, you’ll get their best thinking and effort by empowering them with the autonomy and authority to decide how to achieve it. As the 28th U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson, once said, “I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.”

Here are some specific actions you can take now to increase engagement by providing your employees with greater autonomy and authority:

1. Identify a project to delegate to members of your team. Meet with these individuals and communicate what you expect from them. For example, what does

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