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Even with the controversial Andy Stern stepping aside, the SEIU is still more exciting to watch than a good Fourth of July fireworks display. Probably the biggest online media splash was caused by their terrorization of a 14-year-old boy in a weekend assault on a private residence.

The aim of what’s been called a “Ku Klux Klan”-style rally was to intimidate Greg Baer, a senior Bank of America executive, and make him an example to all those who might oppose the Democrats’ new finance bill now headed for conference with the House and Senate.

Although 14 bus loads of SEIU and National Political Action activists totaling around 500 people engaged in a non-permitted and illegally executed protest, they were escorted to the

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I cannot make this stuff up, and this is so good, I’ll quote the original blog post verbatim:

The Teamsters in Oakland, California filed a grievance against Mills College, complaining that the school had violated its collective bargaining agreement by hiring non-union workers to clear brush.

The Teamsters demanded that the college either (1) award backpay to the union members who lost out on the work or (2) require the 500 non-union workers to join the union.

The only problem? The 500 non-union workers were — and we’re not making this up — goats.

“If the college opts to have the goats become members,” said a Teamsters spokesperson, “we intend to represent them in the same aggressive manner as we do every member.”

(Source: Education Intelligence Agency)

12 Union Myths Exposed

In our eighth installment of The Cato Journal’s January 2010 “Are unions good for America?” issue, we cover the eighth myth.

Here is The Homeland Stupidity web site’s synopsis of this myth, and a link to each of the 12 Cato articles.

Myth Number Eight: Public sector unions work for the general prosperity of their members and all Americans.

Fact: Public sector unions dramatically increase the cost of government to unsustainable levels. The cost of employee wages and benefits accounts for half of the $2.2 trillion that state and local governments spent in 2008, and that number is set to grow dramatically as employees retire and generous pension packages kick in. Though, calling them generous is an understatement.

Moreover, according to Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute, those pension obligations are grossly underfunded, which will make the fiscal crisis even more acute this

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CWA Assaults Members

In the summer of 2007, a CWA Local 1011 union manager told a Verizon work crew that they only needed to perform 3 “fiber to premises” jobs each day, and they could file for a full work day no matter how much time it actually took. Two employees, Salvatore DiStefano and Sebastian Taravell, refused to participate in the rip-off scheme, and informed other workers, supervisors and union management that the scheme was illegal.

The reward for good business ethics? The two men were bombarded by a physical and psychological campaign of abuse. Union officials encouraged other union members to “do whatever you want with those two guys,” and allegedly announced that company corporate security was never to be called about such issues. “I don’t care if somebody comes to work with a gun saying they’re going to shoot people,

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EFCA Update

The union-friendly administration is not sitting still. This month, the NLRB invited amicus briefs in two groups of pending cases. One group relates to penalties assessed against businesses (no mention of penalties against unions, of course), and whether those penalties should be increased via the addition of compound interest.

Over at the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS), a public meeting was held to discuss possible changes to attorney and consultant reporting under section 203 of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA).  More significant perhaps than the impact on consultants and labor attorneys is a change being considered that would impact “regular officers, supervisors and employees.” Imagine the reporting nightmare if any company officer or employee were required to report when they spoke about unions during organizing campaigns, orientation meetings or even casual conversation.

An LRI representative

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The Big Union Bailout

Unions are back at the government trough. But now we’re talking REAL money (not just hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in the auto bailout or healthcare bill). Now unions are asking taxpayers to bailout union pension funds. The article by Vinnie Vernuccio and Jeremy Lott outlines the massive scope of this unprecedented union bailout. They probably explained it best when they wrote:

“Flanked by representatives from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, YRC Transportation and ABF Freight Systems, Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvania Democrat, proposed a massive bailout for the Teamsters’ and other union pension funds on March 22. The deceptively named Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act of 2010 (the Save Adorable Fluffy Bunnies Act was taken, apparently) should really be called the Bail Out Irresponsible Unions Act. That is exactly what the bill would do.”

And the massive numbers today will only get worse

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Third Time a Charm?

The recently closed Nummi auto plant in Fremont Ca, will open again (for a third time) under the name of Tesla Motors and this time they will be building electric cars in a partnership with Toyota. When the plant closed recently it was the last of its kind in California, and the blame was squarely on the shoulders on the United Auto Workers. The cost of operation was too much for Toyota to endure with the union demands. At this point it looks like the plant will open non-union, although it looks like they’ll be hiring some former Nummi employees so we’ll see how long that lasts.

Breaking: DOL Meeting to Squelch Employer Free Speech

Earlier today the Department of Labor (DOL) held an “open forum” to discuss proposed rule changes to consultant, attorney and now employer reporting of “persuasion and advice” activities regarding unions.  The changes will require Law Firms and Consulting Firms to report many so-called “advice” activities as “persuasion” under section 203(c) of the Labor Management Reporting Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA).

In addition the DOL wants to change section 203(e) of the LMRDA to require employers to report when supervisors and managers speak about union issues to employees. That was part of the DOL presentation and remains a real possibility. It is important to note that failure to report these activities is a crime punishable by both fine and imprisonment.

We made the point that the employer requirement will be impossible to monitor in most companies and that there is no reason for the rule. The main reason

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YouTube Video: Is The Employee Free Choice Act Bad For Women?

Check out this YouTube video covering: Is The Employee Free Choice Act Bad For Women?

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Rhode Island Students = 1, Teachers Union = 0

Remember the Rhode Island school district that fired an entire school of teachers due to horrible school performance and the union’s unwillingness to agree to changes to improve the school? Well, it turns out you can teach an old union new tricks. The teachers union decided to cave to school district’s requests – you know, things like spending more time in the classroom and interacting more with students. It’s a start.