YouTube Video: Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud

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SEIU Members Help With Voter Fraud?

Early voting is underway in Nevada for the Mid Term Elections with one “tiny glitch” in the process: Democratic candidate Harry Ried is already selected on the voting machine! Nevada voter Joyce Ferrara was shocked while casting her vote to find out Senator Reid’s name was already checked off on the electronic polling machine. Ferrara’s husband and several others had similar experiences. “Something’s not right,” Ferrara said. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.” The technicians for all voting machines in Clark County are (surprise!) members of the Service Employees International Union. It has not been proven (yet) that SEIU has tampered with the voting machines. Pure coincidence? The SEIU is donating $44 million dollars on this mid-term election cycle, mostly

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Big Labor Knows Who Butters Their Bread

After the healthcare vote, Big Labor talked long and loud about “holding accountable” those Senators and Congressmen who didn’t quite toe the “union” line (and we’re talking Democrats here). However, as push comes to shove in the upcoming midterm elections, the AFSCME is spending a record $90 million, much of it devoted to candidates that had been previously blackballed by the union for being too conservative (meaning they didn’t support Obama-style healthcare reform).

In Big Labor’s eyes, any Democrat is better than the best Republican. Former pariahs Frank Kratovil Jr. of Maryland, Betsy Markey of Colorado, and Zack Space of Ohio are receiving a huge boost in their struggles for electoral survival. The SEIU had originally put up a web site to encourage voters to oppose Space in the general election!

Democrats are walking a tightrope. Big Labor’s

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NLRB Loads Up on Employers

Two recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) add additional cost burden to future NLRB decisions against employers. The J.Picini Flooring case decided that when Unfair Labor Practices (ULP’s) are issued the responsible party will electronically acknowledge fault. The Kentucky River Medical Center case determined that if an employee is unfairly discharged from an organization and is brought back they will receive back pay plus compound interest.

Union Fires Member Over Politics!

A Union stagehand from IATSE Local 33 was fired while building a rally stage for President Obama for wearing a navy sweatshirt commemorating an aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. George H. W. Bush. Duane Hammond was wearing the sweatshirt because his son is in the navy, and currently serves on the carrier. After refusing to take his sweatshirt off when a union supervisor demanded it, he was fired from the job. It goes without saying… have no “say” in a union.

INK: October 21, 2010

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EFCA Update

November stands to be a memorable moment for Big Labor. Most will think we are referring to the election, which could very well unseat enough Democrats that Big Labor’s Washington feeding frenzy will come to an abrupt halt. However, there is a perfect storm brewing that is more than just public reaction to health care reform and disastrous economic policies, beyond the Tea Party movement, beyond the disgust with the “embedding” of former union officials in key government posts.

Keep in mind that

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Stern Reveals True Colors

For years, Andy Stern, former president of the SEIU, supposedly fought for the little guy against the evils of the corporatists. Stern, often described as “unapologetic about targeting private equity firms” or “shaming business leaders,” now apparently wants to sit on the other side of the table, working on behalf of what one writer calls “organized labor’s historic enemy,” – wait for it – “private equity.”

It was recently announced that Stern had been appointed to the board of SIGA Technologies, and awarded 25,000 stock options. Ron Pearlman and his private-equity firm MacAndrews & Forbes, are the largest shareholders in SIGA Technologies.

It also doesn’t seem to matter to Stern (or to the Obama administration, for that matter), that his new gig creates a conflict of interest with his position on the Obama’s deficit commission. SIGA, as a biowarfare

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Beware what information can be found about your business online. The AFL-CIO rolled out an improved version of a site originally launched in 2004, that uses powerful Google mapping tools and a database of information on over 400,000 U.S. businesses, to pin point those companies accused of mass layoffs, outsourced jobs, health and safety violations, and labor law violations.

Some have suggested the site may help inspire voter turnout by union households, and Trumka states that the objective is aimed at forcing government leaders to prevent jobs from moving overseas. However, the hidden union objective may be to help identify companies that may be ripe for union organizing activity. Put in your zip code and see if your company shows up.

UAW Members Upset at Leadership

UAW members are once again upset that their union negotiated a two-tier wage plan and approved it without allowing them to vote on the issue. Never mind that without approval of the contract (with two-tier plan included), the plant would be closed, and another 1500 autoworkers without jobs.

It was apparently calculated that such a two-tier plan was the only way that the Chevy Aveo could be built profitably, at least by a UAW-shackled plant. Some of the more interesting reading came from those who responded to one of the postings of the story, who suggested another way for GM to produce the car profitably would be to open a non-union facility. The Aveo is the only subcompact still built in the U.S., apparently due to the high union-driven labor costs associated with the American auto industry.

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides a great resource for keeping abreast of happenings at the National Labor Relations Board. The publication is titled “NLRB Insight.” The publication is a good summary of NLRB activity, and although it may be prudent to keep a closer eye on administration activity, particularly at the NLRB, this is a good document to keep on hand, and a good link to bookmark. As an INK subscriber, you will be notified anytime there is a board decision that could impact you.