Employee Relations Tip-Of-The-Month

One very effective way to improve employee relations is by showing appreciation for a job well done. In fact, some studies suggest that the number one thing many employees look for in a job is to receive appreciation when they do good work.

Unfortunately, many managers or supervisors are quick to criticize employee mistakes, but slow to give praise. When delegating work activities to employees, or providing them with performance coaching or feedback, telling them “thank you” when the job is done costs nothing but a moment of your time. Practicing this behavior consistently will reap huge benefits for your organization in the long run.

Hat Tip to Eric Vanetti of Vantage Point Alliance.

Nurses Union Wants Its Cake, And To Eat It Too!

In preparation for an announced 1-day strike by nurses affiliated with the Minnesota Nurses Association, several hospitals reduced or shifted patient loads to ensure adequate care for all patients. When many of the nurses were not needed the next day due to the decreased patient level, they accused the hospital of an illegal lockout.

When the 1-day walkout failed to achieve the union’s bargaining objectives, the MNA began discussing another walk-out, this time potentially open-ended. Area hospitals question the union’s motivation for the threat. As our own Phillip Wilson said in an article in MedCity News, “a strike for patient care is like a beer bash for alcoholics.”

EFCA Update

Just as some are discussing the Employee Free Choice Act “obituary” after Big Labor lost their political battle in Arkansas (over Blanche Lincoln), the political wheels in Washington just keep on turning, churning out additional ways to benefit unions.

As we reported, the NLRB floated a request for input on setting up a remote, electronic-voting procedure for NLRB elections. Business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are fighting back, but it is probably only a matter of time until we say goodbye to the NLRB-monitored secret ballot election process sans intimidation and coercion. According to former NLRB member Chuck Cohen, “There’s nothing to stop people from saying ‘Let’s do our Internet voting or telephone voting together to show our solidarity.’ ”

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Stern Is Back!....Sort Of

SIGA Technologies, Inc., “a company specializing in the development of pharmaceutical agents to combat bio-warfare pathogens,” announced that former SEIU President Andy Stern was joining its Board of Directors. The company’s reason for this move is because, “Stern has great understanding on how the Federal Government works.” Stern’s track record is not the best when it comes to running operations, including putting the SEIU into huge debt. Stern spent over $100 million of SEIU dues by invading other unions, and “declaring war” against its own members. Employees at SIGA must be just “Giddy!” over this choice.

Project Labor Agreements Getting Heat in LA

Non-union contractors are targeting Los Angeles and Long Beach voters to vote for the end of Project Labor Agreements. Fresh from a recent win in San Diego County, non-union contractors feel very confident about their chances to change this law. Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) call for all employees to be hired through a union and in return the union promises not to strike (gee, thanks). Overturning PLA’s increases competition, saves taxpayer money and in many cases improves work quality.

Becker "Got a Boss? Get a Union!"

Craig Becker was recently welcomed to the NLRB by outgoing General Counsel Ronald Meisburg (this was a photo provided by the NLRB to the media to the American Bar Association’s publication for labor attorneys). Then we noticed something interesting. Here’s the photo:

Take a close look at the coffee mug just in front of General Counsel Meisburg. Here’s a closeup of the mug on the bookshelf next to a picture of what they used to look like on the AFL-CIO’s (now-defunct) web store:

To be fair, it doesn’t say for sure that this picture was taken in Becker’s office and maybe it is just a joke. But for someone whose impartiality is already a big question, it’s not that funny. In the interest of fairness, maybe one of these would look nice next to it

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SEIU "Member Organizers" Reveal Tactics on Video

Check out this YouTube video called SEIU Member Organizers Make A Difference.

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A couple of interesting things to notice about this video and how organizers are trained. First, notice in the background of the video, where it says “moving 3’s.” Those are the tactics being trained

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Teamsters Protest Union Meeting


Members of a Philadelphia area Teamsters local have picketed a union meeting that was called to announce a change in work offered to members in the lucrative movie industry. The changes were proposed after a Teamsters Independent Review Board report in February found that Local 107 had used a system of “favoritism and nepotism” to award jobs in the movie industry.

The IRB is a three-member panel established under a 1992 federal court decree aimed at ferreting out corruption and organized crime in the union. The change would shift the Philadelphia based work, currently performed by members of Local 107 in Philadelphia, to a local union based in New York. The change would negatively effect roughly 200 members.

Teamster Tony Sgrillo said it best in commenting on 107 President William Hamilton, who was a no-show for the announcement. “If he can’t give the work out

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Teamsters to leaflet Toy Story 3

The Teamsters have announced that they plan to create a “Buzz” by leafleting showings of Toy Story 3 in 22 selected cities (and beyond!) around the country beginning tomorrow.  The object of their scorn? Well, to hear the teamsters tell it, they’re doing it to protect our children from the evil emperor, otherwise known as Toys R Us, who is supposedly poisoning our children by using (gulp) plastic in their Toy Story 3 collection currently on sale in stores nationwide. It’s just a coincidence that the timing of the stunt aligns with a Teamsters organizing drive  at another Toys R Us owned facility, one in which the teamsters would “encourage” the company to embrace.

Stinky Pete’s got nothing on these guys!

“It’s Like Holding a Beer Bash for Alcoholics”

Phil Wilson was quoted today in the Med City News about the anticipated nurses strike in Minnesota.

Phil likened a “strike for patient care” to a “beer bash for alcoholics anonymous.” The bottom line: if you REALLY care about patient care, you don’t withhold it. You can read the whole article here.